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More reform, Golisano style

Apparently, two Pedro Espadas are better than one. At least according to Senate Democrats.

Facing a $2.1 billion state budget deficit, the Senate majority has created a new job, deputy director of intergovernmental relations, and hired Pedro G. Espada, son of you know who, to fill it. 

How over the top is this? Where do I start?

How about the fact Espada was scheduled to make more than his boss until someone noticed and decided a "reorganization" was in order.

Or that Senate leaders are saying this has nothing to do with nepotism. No word if a straight face is involved.

Let's see. Sonny boy is on the payroll at $120,000. Steve Pigeon is the old man's lawyer, at some $135,000.

This friends, family and co-conspirator's program is starting to add up.

But, hey, it's all about reform, right Tommy Boy?

New York magazine broke the story and the New York Post has followed up.

Read 'em and weep.

Update: The Albany Times Union has a post today that starts out like this:

The new three-headed structure of the post-coup majority leadership is costing the Senate more and more dinero — over half a million dollars in staff raises and new hires since the start of the coup.

Grand total (so far): $568,957

This doesn’t even count retroactive payment for  backdated raises. This is simply the additional cost to the Senate moving forward.

It gets more depressing from there.


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