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What is it with these politicians?

It turns out Crystal Peoples has failed to file 14 campaign finance disclosure reports since she succeeded Arthur O. Eve in the Assembly. She's also failed to pay thousands of dollars in fines levied by the State Board of Elections.

Yet another reason to look up to our state legislators. Just 'cause they make laws, doesn't mean they have to obey them.

News Political Reporter Bob McCarthy broke the story in today's Buffalo News.

John Conklin, spokesman for the Board of Elections, said the state levied 14 judgments against Peoples totaling $5,455. While she filed six reports that were formerly delinquent, eight remain outstanding … as far back as July, 2003 and as recent as July, 2007.

Peoples insists, of course, that she has nothing to hide and offers a range of excuses along the lines of "the dog ate my homework."

I'm sorry, but failure to file 14 times shows a willful disregard for the law.

And what is her excuse for not paying the fines, some of which date to 2003, when she has $54,455 in her campaign account?

Peoples is venturing into Brian Davis territory. The Buffalo councilman is a chronic non-filer, approaching 20 missed reports, and it's prompted the Board of Elections to freeze his campaign accounts. 

Which prompts a question: When is the Board going to move against Peoples?




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