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Chris Collins sounds a few campaign themes

The state Democrats are in town and just by coincidence, according to Chris Collins, the county executive held a press conference outside the Dems' meeting at the downtown Hyatt in which he ripped into David Paterson, Andrew Cuomo and the rest of their party.

Elizabeth Benjamin of the New York Daily News has the details.

Collins comes off as sounding like a potential candidate for governor, provided Rudolph Giuliani doesn't run.

Reported Benjamin:

Cuomo and Paterson, Collins charged, have "accepted failure" in New York, which is why the state has the highest taxes in the nation, and is the "least business-friendly state."

"That is Andrew Cuomo’s definition of acceptability," Collins said disdainfully."They have no message they have no vision they accept failure and are proud of it."

Tell us what you really think, Mr. Collins.

He also took a shot at Cuomo over his approach to government consolidation.

As a parting shot, Collins slammed Cuomo's signature issue -- the government consolidation bill that Gov. David Paterson signed into law in June. The county executive called the measure "laughable," noting it exempts school districts and authorities.

"Talk about smokescreens and shell games," Collins said. "He is laughing at the public. He is getting lauded for doing something, and he did nothing."

This coming from a guy who hasn't exactly embraced regionalism, consolidation, whatever you want to call it, in our neck of the woods. Couldn't even bring himself to support a countywide planning board, a rather mild step towards removing the many government silos in the community.

Collins' comments make me curious as to his vision for the state when it comes to bringing order to the chaos caused by a bazillion cities, towns, villages and school boards.

Meanwhile, back at the Democratic pow-wow, Cuomo, who did a recorded robocall for Mayor Byron Brown during the final days of the mayoral primary, heaped praise on hizzoner, reports our own Bob McCarthy.

Brown was chosen to introduce Cuomo at his morning speech. And the mutual praise Brown and Cuomo heaped on each other only heightened speculation that the mayor could be a candidate for lieutenant governor with Cuomo.

"He is only getting better; he is a star on the rise," Cuomo said of the mayor. "He is energetic, professional and is delivering to the City of Buffalo. That's why we love him."

Of course, Cuomo's public integrity unit is just about the only investigatory agency of consequence that is not investigating the Brown administration and his political allies.


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