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Collins and Brown -- the sequel

So much for Chris Collins' rant about Sheldon Silver the anit-Christ being "unscripted" and "off the cuff," as claimed by his flak.

Artvoice reports:

When Erie County Executive Chris Collins called Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver an anti-Christ last Saturday night at a Republican dinner, it wasn’t the first time he’d pulled the line out of his bag.

He recently made the exact same comparison to a group of Buffalo State political science students, who were visiting the Rath Building. Two Buffalo State faculty members were present.

Geoff Kelly goes on to say:

But it’s clear to me that his remark comparing an orthodox Jew to Hitler and the anti-Christ was not “off the cuff” or “unscripted”; it was not a momentary lapse in judgment. The joke is part of Collins’ repertoire. He has used it more than once, who knows how many times.

Which begs the question -- anyone else hear Collins deliver this punchline?

This comes from an aspiring career politician who was quoted last week as saying he didn't want to name any Republicans who might be career politicians because "I don't want to get into name-calling necessarily."

Come to think of it, Byron Brown has an unusual double standard, as well.

The mayor who was too busy to meet last week with the U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development when the cabinet member made a rare visit to Buffalo is the same fellow who took time out from his busy day a couple of years back to help Leonard Stokes out of a jam.


And telling.

Speaking of telling, let me share this photo taken last week under the category of "a picture tells a thousand words."

Syracuse mayor with HUD

Let's see, we've got HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan, Congressman Dan Maffei, Senator Chuck Schumer, and, on the far right, Syracuse Mayor Matt Driscoll.

A mayor meeting with a congressman, senator and cabinet member. Imagine that.


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