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Brian Davis and Byron Brown play hard to get

Political bedfellows Byron Brown and Brian Davis are tough guys to pin down these days -- as always.

Investigators for the State Police and District Attorney showed up at City Hall on Wednesday intending to talk to Davis, presumably related to their investigation of the Ellicott District Common Council member's financial dealings. Depending on who you talk to, Davis either wasn't around or suddenly made himself scarce.

No surprise. I had the same experience when I tried to question him about everything from his bad debts to phony claims of a college degree.

Brown, meanwhile, waltzed into Thursday's meeting of the Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency 15 minutes late, conducted a meeting that lasted all of five minutes, and blew out of the room. Suffice to say, there was no idle chit-chat.

While hizzoner was there, BURA approved contracts for six of the 14 human service agencies still awaiting approval of contracts that were supposed to kick in last May.

No discussion, no explanation of why the other eight agencies are still awaiting approval, and no discussion about the questions involving BURA's handling of the contracts of some 50 agencies that I detailed in Monday's paper.

Quick guess: what do you think Brown and Davis consider their favorite line from the movies?


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