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Criminal and Councilman -- Brian Davis wants it both ways

Davis in court 

I'll admit to being just a wee-wee bit sorry -- maybe 2 percent -- for Brian Davis on Friday for about half an hour when he was in City Court to plead guilty to charges he pocketed campaign donations for personal purposes and lied about it.

First there was the "perp walk" between the elevators and the courtroom with five or six TV cameras and bright lights in his face.

Humiliating, I thought to myself.

Then there was the courtroom scene. After conferring with attorneys, Chief City Court Judge Thomas Amodeo allowed cameras into the chamber, and they set up shop about 15 feet away from Davis.

Lights, action, camera.

Yeah, humiliating.

It was all over in about 12 minutes and then Davis and his attorney, Rodney Personius, eventually headed to the hallway and quickly ended my sliver of sympathy.

Personius said he had a statement, but was not going to answer questions. He went on to praise Davis for making his plea and declared his client is not stepping down from office.

With that, the pair bolted to the elevators, ignoring a torrent of questions, including "what do you have to say to your constituents?"

Davis never said "I'm sorry." Not to the judge. Not to reporters. Not to his constituents.

Maybe that was the time and place. Maybe it wasn't.

But to dig in his heels and declare his intention to fight to keep his Council seat was brazen, especially given what DA Frank Sedita is saying: that Davis vacated the seat in making his plea.

I should not have been surprised by Davis' bloodied but unbowed stance.

After all, this is the guy who, as I documented in April, has been stiffing people for money for years.

Who is a chronic abuser of the state election law.

Who lied about his college degree.

Who kept losing his license and driving anyway.

Who was part of the crowd that brought us One Sunset.

Who has been skipping meetings and blowing off anyone who has questioned his actions.

No, Brian Davis is not going. Not without a fight. And certainly not gracefully.

This tiger isn't changing his stripes.


Want to delve into the details? Check out these documents.

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