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It ain't Woodstock in Albany

Fred Dicker of the New York Post reports that now that the Democrats are completely in charge of state government, they're spending more time fighting each other than the Republicans.

The public budget battle between Gov. Paterson and the Legislature's Democratic leaders tells only half the story: They're fighting like cats and dogs in private as well.

Sources in Paterson's office and at the Legislature told The Post of a rising animosity and even hatred between the governor and several of the leaders, as well as bitter divisions among legislative leaders themselves, as they all struggle with a projected $3 billion state budget gap.

"They all hate each other," was how one senior Democratic official, who has frequent contacts with all the parties, put it.

Elsewhere on the Albany front, our own Sen. George Maziarz denies he acted as a go-between for the corrupt Laborers Local 91 and Joe Bruno.


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