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Ours are called Dopey and Sleepy


The State Senate has seven dwarfs -- members who are opposed to any cuts to education and Medicaid, but no proposals on how to cut money elsewhere in the budget in order to balance the budget, according to this column in the New York Daily News.

Senators from Western New York account for two of the seven -- Antoine Thompson and Bill Stachowski.

Says columnist Bill Hammond:

These seven Democratic pols - call them the seven dwarfs - declared that they cannot possibly go along with trimming education aid in the middle of the school year, as Gov. Paterson has proposed to help close a $3.2 billion deficit.

Nor do they like Paterson's suggested cuts in Medicaid funding for hospitals and nursing homes, which they dismissed as "untenable."

Nor do they support Paterson's plan to raise money by forcing New Yorkers to buy new license plates.

Okay, now we know what they're against. So what are they for? How, pray tell, do they propose to resolve a cash crunch so severe that the state might not be able to pay its bills next month?

They've got nothing.

Well, it's not exactly true "they've got nothing."

They've got money in the bank, in the form of campaign contributions they keep soliciting while they hem and haw while doing the people's business.Thompson has been especially busy, although we won't know how much loot he and others have taken in the second half of this year until the next round of disclosure  reports are filed in January.


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