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These guys are the real deal

Want to know how to start to solve the city's problems? Read the story Mark Sommer had on Sunday's front page about PUSH Buffalo.

Long story short, Aaron Bartley, Eric Walker and Co. organize to give people a meaningful voice about what happens in their neighborhood and how public dollars are spent towards that end.

It's bottom up -- and effective.

No pointless press conferences.

No playing footsies with the politicians.

No insiders sitting around in a room deciding what's best for other people.

Nope. Good old-fashioned community organizing, something we need a lot more of in this town.

"What makes us unique is that, unlike a lot of groups that are doing development or community-based work, we're interested in building power for people in the neighborhood. That's not something you see very often," said Eric Walker, PUSH's organizing director.

"For us, power is community control of resources."

Reminds me of something Dr. Winston O'Boggie once said.

As an aside, I'm up to my eyeballs wrapping up a package of stories Pat Lakamp and I are working on about the Buffalo Economic Renaissance Corp. Consider them "Son of One Sunset." The stories will run over the course of the next couple of weeks. I've got to cut back on my blogging in the meantime to focus on getting my portion of the work done, but will try and post a little something each day.

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