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Accountability, Brown style

Mayor Byron Brown has started forwarding names of commissioners to the Common Council for reconfirmation, and the first names he's sent over include Tanya Perrin-Johnson. You know, our favorite e-mailer.

Sorry, but I can't get outraged.

Did we expect anything different?

And does anyone think she acted on her own?

Some Council members said her reappointment is not an automatic, given allegations that Perrin-Johnson's conduct could involve violations of the federal Hatch Act. The U.S. Office of Special Counsel is investigating the e-mail episode and was in town a couple of week ago conducting interviews.

I understand that while, yes, the e-mails were on the radar screen of two attorneys who conducted interviews, their interest went beyond Perrin-Johnson. Also interviewed, among others, were Deputy Mayor Steve Casey and Dana Bobinchek, his assistant.

I get the strong sense that the real target of the federal investigation is Casey, not Perrin-Johnson.

Let's face it, if you're an investigator trying to determine if the politicking at City Hall has crossed a line, isn't Casey the place you'd start?


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