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Another wave of investigators visits City Hall

The U.S. Office of Special Counsel, the feds who investigate violations of the Hatch Act, are in town for three days, sniffing around City Hall.

The e-mails sent by Tanya Perrin-Johnson initially piqued their interest, You remember, the ones in which she, shall we say, "informed" her staff of "volunteer opportunities" working for Mayor Byron Brown's re-election campaign this summer.

Brazen and sloppy, to be sure.


That's what the feds are here to try and figure out.

Given that they're here for three days, I imagine the feds are looking into more than just those e-mails. As well they should, because when it comes to city employees being strong-armed to do political work, there's a lot to look into.

In fact, the feds may be well advised to get a room at one of those extended stay hotels.

I've got a hunch there are a lot of City Hall types who are anxious -- as in sweating bullets -- over the prospect of being questioned.

My guess is some of them will be doing a Ralph Kramden imitation when they start fielding questions.

Obviously, the mayor has the most to lose. But I doubt he's the main focus of the investigation.

Nope, because as anyone knows who is paying attention to how things work at City Hall, all roads lead to Steve Casey.

Hizzoner himself proclaimed the night he won the primary that Casey "is the best campaign strategist in the business and a very dear friend."

Strategist, friend and perhaps target.


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