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Bill coming due for Collins' stubbornness

Erie County Executive Chris Collins has been saying for months not to worry, that his decision to fight the U.S. Justice Department over conditions at the county jail and holding center wouldn't cost big bucks because in-house counsel was handling the case.

Well, it turns out that outside lawyers have been hired and the meter is running at -- get this -- $425 an hour.

The first bill for the first month of services topped $40,000.

That's just for August. It's now December and my guess is the tab is well into six figures, with no end in sight.

But, hey, we've gotta close those inner-city health clinics to save money. How else are we gonna find the moola to defend the indefensible?

As I said previously, it appears Collins is willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to avoid spending a lot less on blankets and toothbrushes and exercising some human decency in the way prisoners are treated.


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