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Brian Davis at center of Friday fiasco

If you thought we'd seen the last of Brian Davis, think again.

The disgraced, and convicted, former Ellicott Common Council member showed up Friday at a meeting of Democratic committeemen called to hear from the candidates who have applied for his vacant seat. Technically, Davis was within his rights to be there, as he is a committeeman, but he wasn't content to merely attend.

Brian davis new No, along with several other Grassroots members, he disrupted the meeting, hurling insults at Democratic Party Chairman Len Lenihan, among others, and demanding that the gathering of committeemen vote to recommend a candidate to the Council right then and there.

Davis complained the district needed immediate representation, which is kind curious, given the seat is vacant because of his actions. Moreover, when Davis occupied the seat, he had the worst attendance record on the Council.

Also making a fuss was Barbara Miller-Williams, the county legislator who is cutting a deal with Erie County Executive Chris Collins to be chairman of the Legislature.

After the Party HQ folks running the meeting said "no," explaining the meeting was advertised as a forum, not a vote, Davis, Miller-Williams and others from Grassroots stormed out before hearing from the six candidates who had showed up. Those speaking included Donald Allen, William Trezevant, Fred Heinle, Curtis Haynes, Bobby Horton and Bryon McIntyre.

The Rev. Darius Pridgen showed up an hour-and-a-half late, with numerous supporters in tow.

Pridgen explained his supporters were circling the building in their cars seven times to bring down the walls erected by the Democratic Party, alluding to the biblical story of the Battle of Jerico in which the Children of Israel circled the city seven times until its walls came tumbling down.

Ah ... yeah ... sure ... Rev. 

I'm sure your comments will allay fears that you would have a hard time separating church and state if appointed to public office.

Only 32 of 84 committeemen turned out for the meeting, and after Davis, Miller-Williams and their crew left, fewer than 20 remained. For whatever reason, Champ Eve and his faction, who, along with Grassroots control most of the committee seats, were no-shows.

On balance, a pretty weird and pathetic night.

The party is expected to schedule a vote of committeemen in early January. Typically, the Council rubber stamps the recommendation of committeemen, but I suspect the antics of last Friday are going to encourage members to exercise independent judgment.

I mean, if fewer than half of the committeemen can be bothered showing up, and half of those who did take their ball and go home after their intimidation tactics fail, just how credible of a recommendation is this crew capable of making?

Davis, meanwhile, has a Feb. 24 court date at which time he will be sentenced. I can't imagine his lawyer is too pleased with his conduct Friday. I mean, does it sound like Davis gets it?




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