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Byron Brown, the photo op mayor

So I'm reading yesterday's paper and there's a picture of Mayor Byron Brown posing at a staged press event. Got me thinking that he's showing up for a lot of these photo opportunities, and got confirmation when I checked The News' photo archives.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, let me present the evidence.

First, there's the aforementioned photo op at Concord Textile Care Products, part of an announcement of state funding.

Brown photo op 1 

Power Authority President Richard Kessel opened a satellite office near HSBC Arena on Nov. 9, and look who showed up but hizzoner himself. Perhaps Kessel explained to him why the Power Authority thinks it's better to continue providing dirt-cheap hydropower to faded industries rather than seeding businesses that  have growth in their future.

 Brown photo op 6

Next up, Brown front and center at a Nov. 7 parade  celebrating the success of 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition." Gee, I wonder home much time he spent with a hammer in his hand earlier in the week when it was time for work rather than accolades?

Brown photo op 2

On Oct. 28, it was time to mug with city snow plows at the Broadway garage. Hey, smile, Mr. Mayor.

Brown photo op 3 
Brown shared a smile Sept. 24 with restaurateur, developer and Brian Davis buddy Mark Croce after the ground breaking for a new boutique hotel Croce is opening with city support. Croce, being no dummy, took care of business two weeks earlier by hosting Brown's victory party in the mayoral primary at one of his downtown restaurants.

Brown photo op 5

Brown invited artist Tony DeCorse and Gerald Mead, a commissioner with the Buffalo Arts Commission, and, photographers, of course, down to City Hall for a ceremony on Sept. 17.

Brown photo op 4

All this, mind you, is just since Labor Day, and just at the events The News showed up for.

This excludes the numerous photo ops staged on the campaign trail and pictures taken of Brown over the summer when he just so happened to show up at fire and crime scenes, knocking on doors and doing his best Joe Friday imitation, at least as long as the cameras were around.

If all this makes you wonder who is tending the store while the mayor conducts his endless campaign, well, have no fear. Anyone paying attention knows Steve Casey is the real power behind the throne. He's FIRST DEPUTY MAYOR! And don't you forget it.

Here's a shot, back in the day, of Casey with his one-time mentor and continuing conniver, Steve Pigeon. You know, the guy pulling down north of $130,000 - on our dime - working for Pedro Espada. Full time, of course. When he's not working for Tom Golisano. Or helping out the Brown campaign. Or attending to his private practice. Or politicking. I mean, he and Tommy Boy have got to reform state government, ya' know?

Casey and pigeon 

Hey, aren't photo albums fun?



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