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Enter Pridgen

The Rev. Darius G. Pridgen has made it official -- he wants the Common Council seat Brian Davis has vacated.

He submitted his resume and a video to the Council on Monday. While a dozen or so wannabes have announced their interest in the Ellicott District seat, Pridgen's entry into the race is a head turner.

He's probably a front-runner, but by no means a lock. Uncertainty about his relationship with Mayor Byron Brown will prompt a lot of questions and contemplation among the Council majority, who is not on friendly terms with hizzoner.

Here's a link to Pridgen's Facebook wall and the cover letter that accompanied his resume submitted to the Council. Interesting that the letter doesn't mention his day job.

Pridgen and the other candidates will run a gantlet over the next several weeks.

First up are interviews with Democratic committeemen in the Ellicott District, which should happen in the next week or two. That will be followed shortly thereafter by a vote of committeemen, which will be forwarded to the Council, which has the final say.

The Council also will vet candidates, with interviews in the middle of the month and a decision expected by the end of December or early January.

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