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Chutzpah, Thompson style

Thompson check

We see the photos all the time. Some politician helps secure funding for a pet project or program and shows up at a press event with an oversized check in hand.

In this case, it's an anti-gang, anti-gun initiative.

But look closely at the check above. Note the payer.

It's not the State of New York.

No, it's Senator Antoine M. Thompson himself.

Ah, no, Antoine.

That's taxpayer money, not yours.

A bit of a stretch, I'd say, but telling of the "look at me" mindset.

Oh, and senator, I'd be more impressed if a big chunk of the money wasn't going to Community Action Organization, which a lot of people in the know believe is unduly influenced by Grassroots politics. Thompson, in case you didn't know, is a Grassroots guy.

That's not to say the money isn't going to a good program. But a little less self-serving politics, please.


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