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What to watch for in the new year

Here's what I'll be keeping my eye on:

Whether investigators indict a high-ranking member of Mayor Byron Brown's administration as a result of the numerous ongoing investigations.

How long it will take Erie County Executive Chris Collins to blow up the fragile majority coalition he is constructing on the County Legislature.

Whether the New York Power Authority will insist on allocating low-cost hydropower to companies with a future or simply continue the status quo. And whether any local pols will insist that NYPA stop repeating the mistakes of the past.

Chris collins Whether Collins' ego will override common sense that says you can't call Shelly Silver an anti-Christ and compare him to Hitler and expect to be a viable statewide candidate.

If Tom Golisano is going to tell Steve Pigeon that, no, you can't use my money to go after Sam Hoyt again.

If the Albany County District Attorney will indict Golisano and Pigeon for violations of the state's campaign finance laws.

Just how many state legislators, especially those in the Senate, are going to lose their seats come November. I think Bill Stachowski is the most vulnerable, and perhaps Dale Volker, depending on how smart the Dems are in fielding an opponent.

Whether the Common Council, quite possibly operating with a veto-proof majority, will move beyond sniping at the mayor and show some real initiative in shaping city policy.

Whether the mayor shows up for a board meeting of the Buffalo Economic Renaissance Corp.
Will BERC make more loans in 2010 than it has employees?And will it give any more grants to barbershops?

Will anyone in city government wake up to the fact subsidizing another downtown hotel only undermines an already soft market?

Whether school boards across the state will stop crying poor. Actually, I know the answer to this question is "no."

Whether Gov. David Paterson's poll numbers continue climbing to the point where he might be considered a viable candidate.

Will residents in villages in Erie County heed the call for dissolution?

How big a legal bill Collins, Cheryl Green and Tim Howard will run up defending conditions at the county jail and holding center. 

Wait, Billy Fuccillo, you say you know?

Have a good weekend. I'll be back at it Monday.

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