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Monday musings, from Paladino to Spitzer to Pete and Roger

Cacthing up on a Monday ...

Prospective gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino insists he is not a subsidy developer. This coming from a guy who helped lead the charge to get downtown -- including his Ellicott Square -- declared an Empire Zone and who built the the pricey Waterfront Place, where tax breaks for condo buyers will save them $5.3 million. Please. Paladino has been one of the leading advocates of subsidy programs that have benefited downtown business interests -- and practically no one else. What's next -- advocating for campaign finance reform?

Eliot Spitzer is emerging from exile following his resignation through a growing number of media appearances in which he has weighed in on everything from Wall Street to Kirsten Gillibrand. The other day he said he's not interested in challenging Gillibrand in the upcoming election, but said it in a way that has some speculating about a possible candidacy. Among those saying "Run, Eliot, Run" is a columnist for the New York Daily News. Says Mark Greenbaum: "Spitzer's deep credentials in going after Wall Street fat cats would be a welcome addition to a decrepit Senate body which seems largely uninterested in pursuing the broader reform that many Americans crave."

The Buffalo Pundit is usually spot on, but slamming my boys for their appearance during the Super Bowl? Why, I ought to get my buddy Tony to have a talk with you. 

And, as an added bonus ...

Hey, I can have fun mindless fun on this blog once in while, can't I?


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