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Antoine takes the cake

Not only is there such a thing as a free lunch if you work for state government, but the dessert tells you who provided it.

Thompson cake

Yup, that's State Sen. Antoine Thompson's mug on the cake.

And just to make sure people knew who it was from, Thompson's people not only saw to it that his picture was on the cake, but that it was left uncarved.

Folks, I am not making this up.

The cake was part of a St. Joseph's Table that Thompson's staff provided to state employees last Friday at the Mahoney Building in downtown Buffalo. Thompson has a district office there, as do numerous state departments.

But fear not, the spread was not paid for by taxpayers or campaign contributors. No, Thompson's staff solicited donations from assorted restaurants.

I imagine, however, that taxpayers paid for the time of staff members to run around to get all the food. They're the same people who have been deployed to perform such vital tasks as planning parades, looking up the birthdays of constituents to mail them cards, and booking oceanfront resorts in Jamaica.

And people say state government is broke.

The cake, by the way, came courtesy of Tempo. I hear it's quite ritzy -- which explains why I've never been there. The menu lists items such as seared Hawaiian ahi loin and Scunghilli fra diavolo and grilled lobster lobster and sweet corn risotto.

Do any of them come with fries or onion rings? Free refills on the Diet Pepsi?


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