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Does Carl Paladino ever listen to himself?

Paladino at tea party rally

In the wake of the passage of health care reform, Carl Paladino likened it to 9-11.

"I fear the results of Obamacare will be so horrific that it will kill more Americans through deteriorating health care than were lost on 9/11."

A few days later, he expressed a hope that as governor he would see Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver beaten en route to prison.

"I'm gonna try like hell to send Sheldon Silver to Attica and on the way, we're gonna have him stop in all those little communities on the thruway and let those people beat him up."

On Saturday, Paladino, before speaking at a Tea Party rally, said he was going to be careful to avoid the crazies.

Speaking to The Buffalo News just before his remarks, Paladino said he welcomes tea party support as sharing his frustration with "every level of government." But he also said he will be careful not to be lumped in with "zealots and extremists" who present opportunities for "the opposition to make them look like fools."

Makes me wonder what someone would have to say to be considered a zealot and extremist in Paladino's book.


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