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Talking about Antoine Thompson

Thompson and brown

Judging by online traffic numbers, and the volume of reader comments, the exploits of Sen. Antoine Thompson are a hot topic, so I'm going with the flow today. That's Thompson pictured on the left above, with his longtime ally, Byron Brown.

For starters, I did a radio appearance Wednesday afternoon on The Shredd & Ragan Show (103.3 The Edge, WEDG-FM). The subject was Thompson, his trip to Jamaica, campaign contributions and the people who make them.

Give a listen if you like. The interview lasts 14:22. I'd like to think I add some insight to the outrage.

Shredd & Ragan have a pretty funny post on their web site about what it takes to run against Thompson or anyone else in the State Senate or Assembly.

Among the advice:

All you have to do is run for office. Not sure how? Of course they don't make it easy, but a gig this sweet always requires a bit of work. Stop your whining and get cracking. Get in and you're almost set for life.

My story about the trip to Jamaica, and two follow-up blog posts, have generated a lot of reader comments. As usual, you've got to sift through a fair amount of babble, but there some real gems to be found.

Among my favorites:

robert14219 said: we should target the contributors - BOYCOTT their businesses and tell they WHY....cut off the funding and he is G O N E from Albany.

Tomm: According to the list of contributors of $1,000 or more, 49% of those contributions are from areas OUTSIDE OF WESTERN NEW YORK!

Does anyone really believe he can best represent us western New Yorkers when his financial allegiance is to people outside this area?

No wonder he conducts fund raisers in Albany!

chipsahoy: I swear this guy really bugs me! He just leaves right in the middle of session! This is the time when he is suppose to be working on the budget, and fixing New York State! BUT NO, let's go take a vacation. When 2/3's of his district, can't even afford to go on vacation let alone just leave there job to go do it! We would be fired, but not Senator Thompson. This is pathetic, and if he is re-elected after all the stuff he has messed up then I feel sorry for those who vote for him, because you will be just as much to blame for the districts fall as much as Senator Thompson.

artgeffenbaum: Where is Lenny Lenihan? The Erie County Democratic Party should be actively seeking a primary challenge to this guy. At least give the voters a choice.

I think "enough" has a very relevant point. Why do so many of our so-called business leaders complain about the status quo while continuing to fund it?
To paraphrase Ricky Ricardo, 'Howard, you've got some 'splaining to do!"

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