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Paladino's racist, pornographic e-mails reports today in rather graphic terms that gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino has a history of sending racist and pornographic e-mail to a range of people in the business and political community. (Their web site is tough to get through because of a high volume of traffic, but here is a cached version.)

Topics range from President Obama to bestiality. Toxic, vile stuff. Really something, especially from someone running on a platform that includes Christian values.

Paladino's campaign manager is not denying the e-mails, but rather is trying to characterize them as a smear job by a liberal blog.

Good luck with that defense.

I don't see how his candidacy survives. Ten million dollars doesn't buy you out of this kind of trouble.

I'll add media coverage of this as I spot it. Feel free to send me links, as well.

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