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Early snapshot of WNY lawmakers trying to make laws

ALBANY – It’s been six weeks since they’ve been sworn in, so how are the Buffalo area’s three new members of the State Senate doing, lawmaking-wise?

There’s a wide range of the types of bills being introduced, but so far Sen. Mark Grisanti, a Buffalo Republican, has been the most active in proposing new bills -– with 35.

Sen. Tim Kennedy, a Buffalo Democrat, has introduced seven bills, while Sen. Patrick Gallivan, an Erie County Republican, introduced five bills since Jan. 1, according to a search of bill sponsorships via the Legislative Retrieval System.

The subject matters are all over the board. If you’d like more information about a specific bill, go to the state Senate’s own site -- -- and type the bill number into the search field.

The Senate hasn't yet passed any of the 47 bills introduced by the three new senators. But, then again, only 17 bills have been approved in the 62-member chamber so far this year.

Here are the bills by the three new lawmakers and a brief description of each:

Bill No.



GALLIVAN -- Allows for rifle hunting in Wyoming county


GALLIVAN -- Adopts the interstate compact for juveniles; repealer


GALLIVAN -- Permits the county of Erie to market serial bonds at private sale through June 30, 2012


GALLIVAN -- Allows the Wadsworth Library to redistribute funds held


GALLIVAN -- Restricts retail sale of ipecac syrup to behind the pharmacy counter or under manager control


Bill No.



GRISANTI -- Defines the Richardson Center Corporation as an educational institution and authorizes the commissioner of general services to sell and convey certain land in the city of Buffalo, county of Erie


GRISANTI -- Authorizes the commissioner of general services to release a right of reverter in letters patent conveying certain land located in the city of Buffalo


GRISANTI -- Relates to licensing the practice of polysomnographic technology


GRISANTI -- Relates to instruction on the history of people with disabilities


GRISANTI -- Authorizes the city of Buffalo to adjudicate traffic infractions similar to other cities having a population of less than two hundred thousand


GRISANTI -- Expands the availability of tax credit refunds for start-up high technology companies


GRISANTI -- Provides for the training, examination and certification of dog control officers


GRISANTI -- Provides for election of members of the board of education of the Buffalo city school district in November rather than May


GRISANTI -- Relates to providing firefighters with appropriate equipment and procedures; repealer


GRISANTI -- Requires one trustee of the New York Power Authority be a resident of St. Lawrence County and one trustee to be a resident of Niagara county


GRISANTI -- Requires mandatory compliance with existing safe handling and personal protective measures by workers who come into contact with pressure-treated wood marine piling


GRISANTI -- Requires the placement of one recycling receptacle for drink containers for every four waste receptacles on state owned property


GRISANTI -- Expands the products which may be purchased for public use


GRISANTI -- Enacts the constituent casework protection act


GRISANTI -- Provides electronic toll collection discounts for certain fuel efficient vehicles


GRISANTI -- Relates to the liability of landowners who permit recreational uses of their land


GRISANTI -- Protects certain information on hunting, fishing and trapping license and permit applications from disclosure


GRISANTI -- Establishes a distinctive "New York recycles" license plate, with the proceeds therefrom deposited into the solid waste account of the environmental protection fund


GRISANTI -- Relates to management of wildlife resources


GRISANTI -- Provides that diesel fuel that contains a concentration of sulfur that is less than or equal to 15 parts per million shall not be sold unless it includes biodiesel


GRISANTI -- Enacts the "New York state healthy and green procurement act"


GRISANTI -- Provides that on publicly accessible municipally owned property where trapping is allowed posted signage at entry points must inform readers that trapping is allowed


GRISANTI -- Directs the commissioner of parks, recreation and historic preservation to cooperate with municipalities in establishing adopt-a-park programs


GRISANTI -- Requires rebates to be provided to consumer at the time of purchase


GRISANTI -- Enacts the "private well testing act"


GRISANTI -- Establishes the biosciences commercialization assistance fund within the foundation for science, technology and innovation


GRISANTI -- Relates to creating a tax credit for energy efficiency home improvements


GRISANTI -- Relates to the number of reverse vending machines required for mandatory acceptance of empty beverage containers


GRISANTI -- Enacts the "city of Buffalo historic preservation tax credit act"


GRISANTI -- Relates to payments for residential health care facilities in Erie county and Niagara county


GRISANTI -- Increases the minimum percentage collected by the municipal governments hosting the facility


GRISANTI -- Provides for source separation and disposal of recyclable materials and requires municipalities to adopt local laws providing therefor


GRISANTI -- Relates to modifying the composition of membership of the Buffalo municipal housing authority


GRISANTI -- Relates to persons designated as peace officers


GRISANTI -- Relates to tuition increases, leasing, contracting, and the overall daily operation at the State University of New York at Buffalo


Bill No.



KENNEDY -- Designates South Park Avenue in or near Lackawanna a state highway


KENNEDY -- Provides for a review of rating territory definitions for non-business automobile insurance policies


KENNEDY -- Establishes a tax free time period for storm related products for the month of September


KENNEDY -- Establishes voluntary licensure of master plumbers by the department of state


KENNEDY -- Requires fire company command vehicles to be equipped with a partition or cage separating the front and rear seats


KENNEDY -- Reduces certain on-premises liquor license fees


KENNEDY -- Permits persons with licenses to sell beer or wine products for consumption off premises to provide beer samples


-- Tom Precious 

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