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Meegan wins West Seneca supervisor race

Democrat Sheila M. Meegan, left, and Republican Wallace C. Piotrowski

Democrat Sheila M. Meegan/Republican Wallace C. Piotrowski has defeated Democrat Sheila M. Meegan/Republican Wallace C. Piotrowski in the race to become West Seneca town supervisor.

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Holtz wins Cheektowaga supervisor race

Democrat Mary F. Holtz, left, and Republican Ted Morton

Democrat Mary F. Holtz/Republican Ted Morton has defeated Democrat Mary F. Holtz/Republican Ted Morton in the race to become Cheektowaga town supervisor.

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Anderson wins Amherst highway superintendent race

Democrat Kathy Kaminski, left, and Republican Robert Anderson

Republican Robert Anderson has defeated Democrat Kathy Kaminski/Republican Robert Anderson in the race to become Amherst highway superintendent.

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Bestine, McCarthy win spots on Kenmore board

Democrat Katherine J. Bestine and Democrat R. Timothy McCarthy have won spots on the Kenmore village board, beating out Republican-backed Michael Ando and Republican-backed Mary Armstrong.

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Poloncarz wins Erie County executive race

Democrat Mark C. Poloncarz, left, and Republican Chris Collins

Democrat Mark C. Poloncarz has defeated Republican Chris Collins in the race to become Erie County executive.

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Fudoli wins Lancaster supervisor race

Democrat Robert H. Giza, left, and Republican Dino J. Fudoli

Republican Dino J. Fudoli has defeated Democrat Robert H. Giza in the race to become Lancaster town supervisor.

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Mang wins Kenmore mayor race

Democrat Patrick Mang, left, and Republican-backed Salvatore Muscarella

Democrat Patrick Mang has defeated Republican-backed Salvatore Muscarella in the race to become Kenmore mayor.

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Dash wins Evans supervisor race

Democrat Keith Dash has defeated Democrat Howard Frawley, John Roszman and Francis Pordum in the race to become Evans town supervisor.

Jagow wins Niagara County clerk race

Democrat Patrick L. Murphy, left, and Republican Wayne F. Jagow

Incumbent Republican Wayne F. Jagow has defeated Democrat Patrick L. Murphy for Niagara County clerk. Jagow, who won his fifth term, had 20,831 votes, or 63 percent of the vote, to 12,461 for Murphy with all voting machines tabulated.

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Tucker wins Lockport mayor race

Democrat Michael J. Pillot, left, and Republican Michael W. Tucker

Republican Michael W. Tucker has defeated Democrat Michael J. Pillot in the race to become Lockport mayor. Tucker won his third term with 2,297 votes to 2,097 for Pillot in complete voting machines results. There are 272 absentee ballots.

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