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Monday's must-reads from Washington

By Jerry Zremski

WASHINGTON -- The 2012 presidential campaign may seem like a distant memory now, but The Washington Post takes us back there in today's top read, an in-depth look at the technological revolution behind President Obama's campaign.

Meanwhile, Politico breaks some big news: that Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity may be losing their radio contracts.

And NPR offers an alternate take on the National Security Agency debate, showing that Europeans are spied upon more than Americans.

Video: Tolbert faces questions about attitude toward women while in NBA post

Bernard A. Tolbert is addressing a controversy dating back to his days as head of security for the National Basketball Association. Bob McCarthy talks with Brian Meyer about past lawsuits that are raising issues as Tolbert runs for Buffalo mayor:

Friday's must-reads from Washington

By Jerry Zremski

 WASHINGTON -- It's almost time for the federal government's annual fiscal follies, and in today's top read, The Washington Post tells us that in this fall's budget battles, President Obama plans to play hardball.

Meantime, Politico lays out the political risk to Republicans of another government shutdown battle.

Lastly, The New York Times illustrates how Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. is reshaping secret surveillance.


Another NSA scandal?

By Jerry Zremski

 WASHINGTON -- The National Security Agency has been all over the news in the nation's capital as of late, and not in a good way.

But in Buffalo, it seems, NSA means something very, very different, as I discovered Thursday when I Googled "NSA and Buffalo" while researching a story.

When the results popped up, the first four referred to the "NSA of the Greater Buffalo Area" -- the National Softball Association, that is.

And the fifth result would have, if I so desired, taken me to "" -- which offers "One Night Stand in Buffalo, Buffalo FWB, Buffalo NSA."

In the world of one-night romance, it turns out that "FWB" refers to "Friends WIth Benefits," and "NSA" means "No Strings Attached."


Thursday's must-reads from Washington

By Jerry Zremski

WASHINGTON -- So you may have noticed that President Obama gave another speech on the economy. And in today's top read, NPR explains why it doesn't really matter.

Meanwhile, The New York Times details a progressive push among Democrats.

And The Washington Post offers the best, most complete look at Huma Abedin, otherwise known as Mrs. Carlos Danger.

Wednesday's must-reads from Washington

By Jerry Zremski

WASHINGTON -- Today's top read, from Politico, tells us there's a new power trio in Washington.

Meantime, The Washington Post notes that defense firms are weathering budget cuts just fine.

And because everybody is so much more focused on "Carlos Danger" than on power trios or budget cuts, there's this, from The New York Times: a look at how Anthony Weiner relapsed into texting trouble.

Exclusive photo: Buffalo native Perez sworn in as labor secretary

Thomas Perez
Buffalo native Thomas E. Perez was sworn in as labor secretary today, less than a week after being confirmed by the Senate. (U.S. Department of Labor)

The ceremonial swearing in will occur at the White House some time in August, but Buffalo native Thomas E. Perez was sworn in today as labor secretary.

Perez was confirmed in a party-line vote in the Senate on Thursday in the closest such vote of all of President Obama‚Äôs second-term nominees.

Tuesday's must-reads from Washington

By Jerry Zremski

WASHINGTON -- Sick of the perils-of-Pauline, give-me-my-way-or-else style of government that's become common in the nation's capital?

Well, get ready to get even sicker. Today's top read, from The Hill, details Republican plans to shut down the government over ObamaCare.

Meanwhile, Politico notes that President Obama is taking a page from the tea party's operating manual.

And The New York Times public editor, former Buffalo News editor Margaret Sullivan, dissects Nate Silver's departure from the Times.

Video: Week in Washington

News Washington Bureau Chief Jerry Zremski looks to the week ahead in Washington, D.C., and discusses a fracking story he's working on with News environmental reporter T.J. Pignataro.

Monday's must-reads from Washington

By Jerry Zremski

WASHINGTON -- Today's top read, from The Washington Post, takes us inside the government behemoth that is the National Security Agency.

Meanwhile, The Hill takes a close look at the GOP family feud shaping up in Wyoming thanks to Liz Cheney, the daughter of the former vice president.

On the other side of the aisle, Politico notes that Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is causing some heartburn among Democrats.

And finally, say it ain't so, Nate! The New York Times tells us that Nate Silver, the numbers guru behind the Times' must-read FiveThirtyEight blog, is moving on to ESPN, of all places.

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