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Video: Political spinoff from Obama's visit

President Obama's stop in the Buffalo area will likely have some political spin off for the city's mayor, according to The News' Bob McCarthy. He talks with Brian Meyer about the political aspect of Obama's visit:

Video: Zremski recaps Day One of Obama's bus trip

Video: McCarthy & Meyer analyze Obama's speech on higher education

News Political Reporter Bob McCarthy and collegeaue Brian Meyer discuss President Obama's speech on higher education costs at the University at Buffalo's Alumni Arena:

Obama and Cuomo have a 'good chat'

By Tom Precious

ALBANY – With two daughters heading off as freshmen at Ivy League colleges, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said he can relate to President Obama’s speech in Buffalo today about the soaring costs of college education.

“You’re telling me. I almost couldn’t afford the sausage,’’ Cuomo told reporters in Syracuse during a visit –- and sausage sandwich eating stop- –at the State Fair in Syracuse.

Cuomo, whose two oldest daughters are going to Harvard and Brown, had a last-minute schedule change to Syracuse after attending Obama’s speech at the University at Buffalo this morning. Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy attended the fair's opening day earlier in the morning; Duffy, the former mayor of Rochester, was in the news this morning following an Albany Times Union story raising questions about a lake house he purchased from the head of a Rochester-area chamber of commerce group.

Asked what he talked about with Obama, Cuomo said, “We were talking about Buffalo, the state of New York, the economy in general. So it was a good chat.’’


Video: Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown interviewed about president flubbing his name

Buffalo Mayor Byron W. Brown discussed what he talked to President Barack Obama about during their trip from the airport to UB's Alumni Arena. Around the 2-minute mark, Brown also addresses the mix-up Obama had in identifying him during the speech:

Video: President Obama dines at Rochester's Magnolia's cafe

Video: President Obama flubs Buffalo mayor's name

Video: President Obama's full speech at UB

An analysis of White House college cost containment proposal

The New York Times looks at President Obama's proposal to control college costs here.

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* Video: Obama flubs Buffalo mayor's name

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