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Today in City Hall

By Jill Terreri

Good morning, 

Today the Common Council will meet and is expected to approve a labor contract with Teamsters, who repair city water lines. The caulkers are in line for 2 percent raises, retroactive to 2007. Lawmakers are also expected to approve a $75,000 settlement with a retired police lieutenant who said she was discriminated against by the city. 

A measure that would revive the city's public art program, which requires that 1 percent of capital project spending goes toward public art, is expected to be adopted today. 

There is a lot of other city news in the paper today, including charges that politics were part of the decision of whom to promote in the Fire Department. 

Also, a retired cop pleaded guilty to abusing the city's sick leave policy. 

The city has also put together an inventory of underused historic properties that are eligible for tax credits if they are redeveloped. 

Also, the EPA and the Buffalo Sewer Authority have come to an agreement about how to mitigate the 1.75 billion gallons of untreated sewage that goes into the Niagara River and its tributaries every year. 

A draft of today's Council agenda is below: 

INVOCATION PLEDGE TO FLAG                                                      DATE   April 15, 2014


                                                                                                            04/14 3:30 pm


         A. Labor Contract Local 264                                                                                      APP


         1. Citizen Serv-Submission of Monthly Report March 2014                                     R&F

         2. Strat Plan-Amendments to the 2013-14 Annual Action Plan and

                        Prior Yrs Plans for  CDBG                                                                         

         3. Strat Plan-Report of Sale-277 Cherry(Ell)                                                              CD

         4. Strat Plan-Report of Sale-118 Fifteenth(Nia)                                                         APP

         5. Strat Plan-Report of Sale-1486 Jefferson(Mas)                                                     

         6. Strat Plan-Report of Sale-104 Lang-aka 156 Newburg(Lov)                                 CD


         7. Audit Report on Fuel Consumption and Response From Purchase                       FIN

         8. Amendments to the 2013-14 Annual Action Plan & Prior Yrs Plan                      R&F


         9. Concerns Maintenance of Towne Garden Apts by Platinum Mngt                       CD


         10. Bflo Olmsted Parks Conserv. Seeks COB Execution of Documents/Grant

                        From NYS-Rose Garden and Marcy Casino Restoration                           APP

         11. Change in Contract-60 Hedley Pl Reconstruction Electrical(Mas)                      APP

         12. Change in Contract-YWCA of WNY Ventilation Improvements                       APP

         13. Handicap Within City ROW-605 Fillmore on Paderewski(Fill)                          APP

         14. Permission to Engage in Agreement-Yard Waste Composting-Lardon Const    APP

         15. Permission to Enter Agreement With FHWA, NYSDOT, NFTA, BSA & COB

                        Water-Niagara St Gateway Project(Ell)                                                      APP

         16. Report of Bids-BFNHS-Rehab Project                                                                APP

         17. Report of Bids-Bflo & EC Historical Society-Electrical

                        Renovations(Correction)                                                                              APP

         18. Report of Bids-CEM CC_Rehab Project                                                             APP

         19. Report of Bids-Dudley Library-Partial Reconstruction(South)                           APP

         20. Report of Bids-Fordham Dr Island Curb Replacement(North)                           APP

         21. Report of Bids-HUB-Rehab Project                                                                    APP

         22. Report of Bids-Penhurst Parkway-Island Curb Replacement(Del)                      APP

         23. Report of Bids-Public Facilities Imp. E. Utica CC                                              APP

         24. Report of Bids-Public Facilities Imp. Edward Saunders CC                               APP

         25. Report of Bids-Public Facilities Imp.-MLK Park Shelter(Mas)                           APP

         26. Report of Bids-Roosevelt Park Imp. Project(Univ)                                             APP

         27. Report of Bids-West Ferry St Bridge Rehab(Nia)                                               APP


         28. Drug Asset Forfeiture Wire Transfers                                                                  R&F

         29. Appoint Police Lieutenant(Perm)(Schulz, Szykowiak II, Piatzak, O’Donnel,

                        Long, Blesy, Connolly, Lewis)                                                                    CS

         30. Appoint Police Lieutenant(Cont Perm)(Manley)                                                  CS


         31. Request for Approval of Settlement Sack v. COB                                              APP

         32. Appoint Assistant Corporation Counsel(Temp)(McDuffie)                                 CS


         33. Food Store(New)-74 Elmwood aka 76 Elmwood(Fill)                                        LEG

         34. Mobile Food Truck-House of Munch(Albarella)                                                  LEG

         35. Food Store(New)-1618 Main St(Ell)                                                                    LEG

         36. Request Permission to Accept Funds for Grant(BENLIC for Demo)                 APP

         37. Used Car Dealer-426 Abbott(South)                                                                    LEG


         38. Abandoned Vehicle for City Use                                                                         APP


         39. Contract Approval for Law Enforcement Psych Assoc-Firefighter Psych Exam   FIN

         40. Contract Extension B-Well Case Mngt for Injured on Duty Police and Fire      APP


         41. Mayor reported out of state                                                                                  R&F

         42. Board of Ethics Meeting Minutes-Feb 2014                                                        R&F

         43. Restricted Use Permit-75 W. Chippewa-05/09/2014(Ell)                                    CD

         44. Restricted Use Permit-75 W. Chippewa(Ell)-05/23/2014(Ell)                             CD

         45. Liquor License Applications                                                                                 R&F

         46. Leaves of Absence                                                                                                R&F

         47. Reports of Attendance                                                                                         R&F

         48. Appointment Common Council Staff(Palmer)                                                     ADOPT

         49. Notices of Appointments- Temp/Prov/Perm                                                         CS


         50. G. Chwalinski-Town of Cktg-Call for Public Hearing-Rez 432 Dingens (Lov)  R&F

         51. G. Chwalinski-Public Review Information-2040 Metropolitan

                        Transportation Plan Update                                                                         R&F

         52. EC Bd of Elections-Campaign Finance Seminar                                                  R&F

         53. J. Golombek-Conditions Food Store Licenses North District                              EDPI

         54. S. Herbert-List of Streets that Need Various Repairs                                          PW        

         55. NYSDEC-Designation of Restricted Highway-Route 33                                   R&F

         56. D. Smith-Info Say Yes to Buffalo                                                                       ED


         57. D. Putnam, Owner, Use 936 Elmwood for an Outdoor

                        Café(hrg 4/22)(Del)                                                                            LEG,CPBD

         58. A. Mansour, Owner, Use 2050 Niagara to Alter Existing Store

                        To Include a Take Out Restaurant(hrg 4/22)(North)                          LEG,CPBD

         59. J. Desrosiers, Owner, Use 820 aka 822 Elmwood for a Take Out Service

                        (hrg 4/22)(Del)                                                                                    LEG,CPBD

         60. L. Altieri, Owner, Use 494 Franklin for a Sit in Restaurant in the

                        Allen St District(hrg 4/22)(Fill)                                                          LEG,CPBD

         61. T. Bath, Owner, Use 1116 Elmwood for a Restaurant in the Elmwood

                        Business District(hrg 4/22(Del)                                                          LEG,CPBD

         62. M. Brinaugh & O-Concerns Parking for Fruit Belt Residents on Their St  CD,ST DELG


         62A. Fontana, etc       HRM NYS Senate Bill S6906, Assembly Bill A09189, An

                                             Act to Amend Real Property Tax Law                                   ADOPT

         63. LoCurto                Notifying Local Residents and

                                             Business of Special Events                ADOPT RES’S, REM TO CD

         64. LoCurto,etc           Permission to Hang Pride Flags-Elmwood and Allen St        APP

         65. LoCurto                Permission to Hang Banners on Elmwood Ave at LancasterAPP

         66. LoCurto,etc           Reviving the 1 % for Art in Public Places Program                ADOPT

         67. Pridgen                  City of Buffalo Council District Tours                                   ADOPT

         68. Pridgen                  Proposed Amendments to Ord Regarding Special Events

                                             Street Closings                                  ADOPT RES’S, REM TO CD

         69. Pridgen                  Potential Expansion of a Volkswagen Plant in WNY            ADOPT

         70. Pridgen                  Waiver of Special Events Permit Fees-Casa

                                             Adoracion Shaddai                                                                 APP

         71. Scanlon                 Waive Event Fees-S. Bflo Farmers’ Market & S. Bflo

                                             Charter School End of School Picnic                                     APP

         72. Smith                     HR Request-Bill A.3702-B-Amend Vehicle & Traffic Law  ADOPT

         72A Smith                   HR Request-Bill S 870-B- Amend Vehicl & Traffic Law     ADOPT

         73. Wyatt                    Establishment of Bflo Youth Promise Act                             LEG



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