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Brown promises more economic development, but not more debates

By Jill Terreri

Mayor Byron W. Brown promised more economic development in the city in remarks to reporters after his victory speech tonight, but did not commit to debating his general election opponent, Republican Sergio R. Rodriguez. 

News Staff Reporter Mark Sommer was at Statler City, where Brown talked about what happens next: 

"We want to focus on continuing to strengthen this community economically, helping businesses to grow, and bringing more jobs to the residents of this community.  You'll be seeing more housing subdivisions and development taking place.  Now is the time to begin to rebuild the population of this great city.


 "We want to focus on the arts community, which we think is a critical economic engine  in this community, and you will see more focus there.  We are going to focus on providing additional support to our public schools in a very strategic way, and I will be very aggressive in bringing more strategic support ot our schools, and to redouble our efforts in rebuilding neighborhoods."

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Tolbert, Rodriguez, keep up attacks on Brown

By Jill Terreri

Democrat Bernie Tolbert and Republican Sergio Rodriguez kept up their attacks on Mayor Byron Brown today, criticizing him on two of the major issues of this campaign, jobs and education. 

Tolbert noted the city's loss of population under Brown, and the unemployment rate, which he did at the debate last week at WNED. He also rolled out a four-point economic development plan, which is also posted below. 

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Fact-checking the third debate

By Jill Terreri

We took a look at some of the claims made in the mayoral debate Tuesday night, and fact-checked what we could turnaround in one day. 

I had hoped to include Sergio Rodriguez's charge that the city had to return funds to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, something Mayor Byron Brown had steadfastly denied in an earlier debate. HUD demanded payment in an audit, but I'm waiting to hear from HUD about whether those funds were paid, or if some other arrangement was reached. (Following the audit, city officials contended they wouldn't have to pay the money back.)  

Investigative Post's Jim Heaney looks at some of the debaters' claims surrounding poverty, unemployment and economic development in a five-minute segment on WGRZ.   

Some other city headlines from today's Buffalo News include a look at Uniland's new plans for a 12-story hotel and office development at Delaware and Chippewa, and the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo's willingness to talk to preservationists about a re-use of St. Ann's an iconic church on the East Side. 

In state news, Gov. Andrew Cuomo will be in Lockport today, and the state has charged the Buffalo Niagara Enterprise with making the best use of its suite at Ralph Wilson Stadium. 

Brown, Tolbert on education

By Jill Terreri

Whether the  candidates were expecting it or not, the state of the city schools has become a major issue in the mayoral campaign. As the problems make headlines every day (a recap of those can be found on the School Zone blog) questions about what Mayor Byron Brown and Bernie Tolbert have planned when it comes to the schools have peppered both debates, and are expected to come up at tomorrow's debate

I sifted through interviews with the candidates and their past public statements, as well as information from their campaign web sites, and stories in our archive, to report today's story comparing Brown's and Tolbert's education plans. 

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Tolbert capitalizes on Obama's gaffe

By Jill Terreri

President Obama probably didn't think he would find himself in a campaign commercial for a candidate for mayor of Buffalo after he left town yesterday. But you might have heard that Obama mixed up Mayor Byron Brown and Rep. Brian Higgins during his appearance at the University at Buffalo, which Brown's opponent is happily reminding voters about.

(Brown took it in stride, and Higgins joked about it on Twitter:)

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Of debates and polls

By Jill Terreri

A quick catch up on the mayoral election:

The Democratic primary is quickly approaching - less than three weeks away - and debates can be a good way to learn the differences between the candidates. That of course depends on several factors, including how completely the candidates answer each question.

Mayor Byron Brown is seeking a third term. Democrat Bernie Tolbert, a former special agent in charge of the FBI in Buffalo, is running, as is Republican Sergio Rodriguez, a Marine veteran. Rodriguez is also staging a write-in campaign for the Conservative line during the Sept. 10 primary. 

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Brown's opponents hear a political tune

By Jill Terreri

The timing of Mayor Byron Brown's announcement that the city will spend $400,000 to fund band and orchestra programs that had been cut in 14 public schools raised a few eyebrows. He explained at his big announcement yesterday, complete with children playing instruments, that he had been at work on a solution for a month and a half. Whatever the reason, the announcement was made one month before the Democratic primary, where he will face former FBI Special Agent in Charge Bernie Tolbert.

Tolbert pointed out that on the subject of the school district, Brown frequently notes that he has no governance over it. 

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Ask Sergio anything

By Jill Terreri

Republican mayoral candidate Sergio Rodriguez will answer voters' questions at 5 p.m. today on Reddit, a social media platform. 

As of 12:40 p.m. today, the forum had 75 comments - many of them substantive - from inquiring minds inside the city and out. They cover a range of topics, including crime, abandoned buildings, neighborhoods and parks.   

Rodriguez isn't the first politician to take questions on the site. President Barack Obama, and Newark Mayor Cory Booker have done it, too. 

Rodriguez will face the winner of the Democratic primary between Mayor Byron Brown and Bernie Tolbert, the former head of the FBI's Buffalo office.

Brown has so far outfundraised them all, and has $1.3 million on hand, to Tolbert's $200,000. Rodriguez has just $1,083 on hand, according to campaign finance filings this week. 

Tolbert has been attending events and campaigning for months, but recently ramped up his public comments about violence in the city, at an anti-violence summit on Wednesday and in a video on his Facebook page.  

Schroeder has 'no plans' for mayoral run, but...

By Robert J. McCarthy

Ask Buffalo Comptroller Mark J.F. Schroeder about running for mayor in 2013 and he'll provide his standard non-answer.

"I've said all along, I have no plans to run for mayor," he said again this week.

Indeed, the comptroller has not discussed even with friends the possibility of challenging Mayor Byron W. Brown and possibly Bernard Tolbert, the former Buffalo FBI chief who has formed a fund-raising committee. And Schroeder has not even hinted at efforts to raise the hundreds of thousands of dollars needed for a serious shot at City Hall.

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GOP mayoral hopeful welcomes Tolbert move

By Robert J. McCarthy

It didn't take long on Tuesday for one participant in the Buffalo mayoral race to acknowledge the expected candidacy of Democrat Bernard Tolbert after sources indicated the former head of the Buffalo FBI would form a campaign finance committee.

And for announced Republican candidate Sergio Rodriguez, it was all about even having a race for mayor in 2013. As far as he was concerned Tuesday, at least there will be a contest against Democratic incumbent Byron W. Brown, whom some thought might go unchallenged this year in his bid for a third term.

“We welcome the entry of a new candidate into the race and are pleased to see democracy in action," Rodriguez said. "For the first time in nearly a decade, voters will be given a choice in the general election regardless of the outcome in the primary."

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