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Live stream: Presidential debate

Mitt Romney and President Obama face off for the final of three debates before Election Day.

Video: Week in Washington - Buffalo edition

Washington Bureau Chief Jerry Zremski reports from Buffalo as he looks forward to reporting on the Collins-Hochul race and looks back at his reporting from several swing states.


Video: Obama on Daily Show

President Obama's appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart took a serious turn when the President discussed the fatal attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Obama said when something goes wrong, his job is to fix it. (Source: Associated Press)

Cuomo says 2016 speculation can hurt him

The governor in Batavia in August. (Buffalo News file photo)

By Tom Precious

ALBANY – Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he will be doing more surrogate campaigning for President Obama in the final weeks of the presidential campaign, but said he is worried if he goes too far on the national political stump it could hurt his ability to govern at home.

With his name in the mix as a possible contender in the 2016 White House campaign, Cuomo told an Albany radio station this morning that he has to be aware of the pitfalls such political chatter can create. Cuomo appeared in the spin room promoting Obama after the president's debate the other night on Long Island against Mitt Romney.

"It hurts me as governor. If you politicize me, you cast aspirations on my motivations and intent … you’re going to hurt my capacity and ability to serve as governor," Cuomo said of perceptions that could come with him campaigning for Obama and his 2016 aspirations.

Cuomo ended with a slap at the press for speculating about such things in the first place, adding that it is easier and less "fatiguing" to write such stories than looking at real policy matters.

National Dems buy ads for Hochul in Rochester

By Robert J. McCarthy

Throughout the big 26th District congressional race between challenger Chris Collins and incumbent Kathleen C. Hochul, one big question loomed over the advertising effort: Would national Democrats sponsor critical TV ads like their GOP counterparts?

Now the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's independent expenditure arm has answered by buying $260,000 worth of television ads in Rochester for Hochul, according to a report in Roll Call.

The purchase brings the total spent by outside groups in the district to more than $3 million, with the majority for Collins.

Live video: Second presidential debate

Fracking fighting words in the 60th

Add fracking to the list of hot-button issues that are occupying candidates in the 60th Senate district race this campaign season.

Mike Amodeo, the Lake View resident who is running against incumbent Republican Mark J. Grisanti for the 60th district seat, this week released a statement criticizing Grisanti for being endorsed by the pro-hydrofracking group Unshackle Upstate.

The Rochester-based group’s policies and agenda are not in the best interests of Western New York residents – many of whom oppose fracking – and Grisanti should distance himself from them, Amodeo charged.

Democrat Amodeo, in his criticism, called Grisanti “one of the biggest pro-hydrofracking Senators in the state.”

Grisanti’s office said the Senator’s position on fracking is this:

Grisanti is awaiting the results of a public-comment period that was recently held by the Department of Environmental Conservation, which gathered some 80,000 comments on the issue.

And, Grisanti also said that he presses for protections for upstate residents wherever possible in environmental matters.

 --- Charity Vogel

Citizen Action group protests at Collins HQ

By Robert J. McCarthy

A group linked to Citizen Action of New York staged demonstrations across the state Thursday in favor of preserving Social Security and Medicare -- including near the campaign headquarters of Republican congressional candidate Chris Collins.

Restore the American Promise planned to demonstrate at the Lancaster headquarters of the candidate, who subscribes to Republican plans to restructure Medicare. The group said it planned to "demand that these programs be protected."

The group's website makes the following claim:

"For the past three decades, Washington politicians and their benefactors have broken their promises, and have turned the American Dream into the American Nightmare. First, they froze our wages. Then they took away our guaranteed pensions. Then they took away our jobs and looted our savings. Now they’re coming for our Medicare, our Medicaid, our Social Security, all to pay for more tax cuts for the rich and sweetheart deals for big corporations. Soon there will be nothing left for us."

Amodeo's new financial report shows troubles

By Tom Precious

ALBANY – What does it say about a campaign that spent $12.50 at a pizza restaurant to feed volunteers?

Either the volunteers weren’t all that hungry, or there weren’t many of them.

So goes the money ways for Democrat Mike Amodeo, whose fundraising and expenditure report for his 60th Senate district campaign has now shown up on the web site of the state elections board.

The latest round of fundraising reports for his opponents, including incumbent Sen. Mark Grisanti, a Republican, all were posted on the state board’s web site last Friday.

A look this morning at Amodeo’s submission shows money woes. Besides the fact that the central Senate Democratic campaign committee appears to be writing off his campaign with no vows of financial support yet -- while Senate Republicans donated at least $200,000 the past several weeks to Grisanti’s effort -- the Hamburg lawyer raised only $11,900 in the past several weeks.

Continue reading "Amodeo's new financial report shows troubles" »

Video: Week in Washington - Florida edition

Washington Bureau Chief Jerry Zremski is continuing work on his series about voters in swing states.

His latest video report is from Florida, where he's talking to voters about health care.


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