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Connolly Cup countdown: A week & a day to go

The votes and comments about who should win this year's Connolly Cup have been piling in. If you haven't voted, wind-sprint yourself and your mouse to the post here. At this writing, we're approaching 1,000 votes in the poll and 200 comments on the post.

The News does not, of course, have a Connolly Cup ballot, and I have no idea who the Connolly Cup will pick until I hear it with my own ears at their luncheon on Saturday, Dec. 6.

It's always a dramatic moment, and should be even moreso this year with such an outstanding class. A countdown like the above probably wouldn't be overly interesting in past years, where there have been fewer, clearer candidates for the award. This is clearly one of the best Connolly Cup top 10s in recent history.

IMPORTANT: There was one comment in particular on the above post which was pretty harsh on the Connolly Cup committee and its chairman, Dennis Sarow.

Now, the committee is certainly subject to criticism, just like The News will be when we release our Player of the Year and All-Western New York teams. Sarow and his committee work like crazy to see as many players as they can, to nominate as many deserving players as they can, and to pick the best top 10 that they can, purely for the love of the game and the history of the award.

So don't illegitimatize any points you might have by personally attacking members of the committee. Disagree with them all you want, debate the selections all you want. But let's keep this as productive and healthy a discussion as possible. Thanks.

---Keith McShea


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