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You make the call on the All-WNY 1960s basketball team

As part of a countdown to The News' selection of a 50th anniversary All-Western New York team, we're breaking it down by decade.

The All-WNY basketball team began with the Courier-Express picking the best of the 1958-59 season. We're throwing those first two 1950s seasons in with the 1960s just to streamline our chapters of hoop history just a little bit.

Fans of that era, don't worry -- full weight will be given to each era and each decade as we attempt to come up with the best all-time All-WNY team we can.

Just as we will do with the all-time team, we'll pick a top 20 for each era, from the fourth team to the top five on the first team.

Be sure to check out the posts discussing the other eras (1970s1980s, 1990s and 2000s) as well as who should make the all-time All-WNY team.

Here's a breakdown of the early days of All-WNY hoops (the entire All-WNY list is here):

1958-1959: Tom Chester (North Tonawanda), Frank Cipriani (Timon), Talbot Freeland (Bennett), George Mayer (Williamsville), Gene Morrow (Seneca).

1959-1960: Pete Bisgeier (Kenmore West), Cootie Blanks (Bennett), Joe Bossert (Seneca), Dick Harvey (Dunkirk), Jim Robinson (Cleveland Hill).

1960-1961: Norb Baschnagel (Kensington), George Carter (Silver Creek), Jim Maglisceau (North Tonawanda), Roosevelt Nixon (Emerson), Frank Swiatek (St. Mary's/Lancaster).

1961-1962: George Carter (Silver Creek), Phil Kontrabecki (Duffy), Garry Munson (Amherst), Dan Shea (Lackawanna), Willie Shine (Trott).

1962-1963: Andy Anderson (Maryvale), Tom Bobenread (Amherst), Dwight Bonk (Dougherty), George Hicker (Franklinville), Frank Starks (Trott).

1963-1964: Tom Balen (Lackawanna), Jack Hassett (Timon), George Hicker (Franklinville), Greg Hudecki (St. Joe's), Bill Young (Angelica).

1964-1965: Mike Brown (Lockport), Mike Kull (Timon), John Hayes (Niagara Falls), Tony Masiello (Dougherty), Bill Young (Angelica).

1965-1966: Mike Brown (Lockport), Roger Brown (Hutch-Tech), Bill Case (Franklinville), Bob Lanier (Bennett), Dale Tepas (St. Joe's).

1966-1967: Paul Grys (Timon), Gene Roberson (Burgard), Aubrey Smith (Niagara Falls), Dale Tepas (St. Joe's), Steve Waxman (Kenmore West).

1967-1968: Oscar Colvin (LaSalle), Marty Cott (Hutch-Tech), Chuck Crist (Salamanca), Dan Metzler (Walsh), Brice Miller (Fillmore).

1968-1969: Ed Atwill (Hamburg), Don Hurlburt (Hinsdale), Donn Johnson (Jamestown), Mike Norwood (East), Ken Spencer (Arcade).

1969-1970: Steve Borowski (Dunkirk), Varick Cutler (North Tonawanda), John Karuch (Walsh), Mel Montgomery (Kensington), Fran Moulin (Kenmore West).

So who's the best of the 60s and earlier? Who should be in the top 20? The top five? And why? Let us know in the comments section below, or email

---Keith McShea


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