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You make the call on the All-WNY 1990s basketball team

As part of a countdown to The News' selection of a 50th anniversary All-Western New York team, we're breaking it down by decade.

Just as we will do with the all-time team, we'll pick a top 20 for each decade, from the fourth team to the top five on the first team.

Be sure to check out posts discussing other eras (1960s, 1970s1980s and 2000s) as well as who should make the all-time All-WNY team.

Here's a breakdown of the All-WNY first teamers in the 1990s (the entire All-WNY list is here).

1990-1991: Willie Cauley (Niagara Falls), Modie Cox (LaSalle), Eric Eberz (St. Joe's), Damone James (Turner-Carroll), Dean Edwards (Olean).

1991-1992: Eric Eberz (St. Joe's), Bob Fitzgibbons (Nichols), Kevin Sanford (Turner/Carroll), Mike Mitchel (Williamsville South), Carlos Bradberry (LaSalle).

1992-1993: Carlos Bradberry (LaSalle), Gerald Brown (Turner-Carroll), Mike Heary (Fredonia), Jeff Muszynski (St. Joe's), Mike O'Bryan (Kenmore East).

1993-1994: Mike Heary (Fredonia), Ryan Cochrane (Cardinal O'Hara), Justin Johnson (Jamestown), Jason Rowe (Traditional), Tim Winn (LaSalle).

1994-1995: Jason Rowe (Traditional), Tim Winn (LaSalle), Malik Campbell (Turner-Carroll), Jim Pieri (Nichols), Gary Raimondo (St. Joe's).

1995-1996: Jason Rowe (Traditional), Tim Winn (LaSalle), Malik Campbell (Turner-Carroll), Damien Foster (Traditional), O'Tes Alston (Lackawanna).

1996-1997: Darren Fenn (Canisius), Damone Brown (Seneca), Darcel Williams (Traditional), Carlos Davis (LaSalle), Craig Austin (St. Francis).

1997-1998: Maceo Wofford (Jamestown), Brian Keenan (Canisius), Charles Croff (Lockport), Brian Dux (Orchard Park), Mark Price (Riverside).

1998-1999: Leonard Stokes (Turner-Carroll), Brian Keenan (Canisius), Maceo Wofford (Jamestown), Hodari Mallory (McKinley), Julius Page (Turner-Carroll).

So who are the best of the 90s?  Who should be in the top 20? How about top five? And why? Let us know in the comments section below, or email

---Keith McShea


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