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You make the call on the All-WNY 2000s basketball team

As part of a countdown to The News' selection of a 50th anniversary All-Western New York team, we're breaking it down by decade.

Just as we will do with the all-time team, we'll pick a top 20 for each era, from the fourth team to the top five on the first team.

Be sure to check out posts discussing earlier eras (1960s, 1970s1980s, 1990s) as well as who should make the all-time All-WNY team.

Here's a breakdown of the All-WNY first teamers in the 2000s (the entire All-WNY list is here).

1999-2000: Julius Page (Turner-Carroll), Ka'Ron Barnes (Turner-Carroll), Lawrence Maroney (Iroquois), Charlie Comerford (Timon-St. Jude), Daryl Jacobs (Traditional).

2000-2001: Charlie Comerford (Timon-St. Jude), Corey Herring (Timon-St. Jude), Daryl Jacobs (Traditional), Terry George (Traditional), Greg French (Traditional).

2001-2002: Loren Stokes (Turner-Carroll), T.J. Adams (Bennett), Jeff Parmer (Niagara Falls), Edmund Rainey (Riverside), Don Juan Tyson (Traditional).

2002-2003: Micole Parker (City Honors), Jeff Parmer (Niagara Falls), Jeremy Richardson (Bennett), Dewan Stroud (Seneca), Don Juan Tyson (Traditional).

2003-2004: Paul Harris (Niagara Falls), Robert Harris (Niagara Falls), Jose Narvaez (Grover Cleveland), Rodney Pierce (Hutch-Tech), Ray Blackburn (Lackawanna).

2004-2005: Paul Harris (Niagara Falls), Greg Gamble (Niagara Falls), Robert Garrison (Niagara Falls), Rodney Pierce (Hutch-Tech), Ray Blackburn (Lackawanna).

2005-2006: Jonathan Flynn (Niagara Falls), Lesean Braxton (Lackawanna), Mike Williams (Riverside), Devon Dawson (St. Joe's), Quentin Hudson (Sweet Home).

2006-2007: Jonathan Flynn (Niagara Falls), Zach Moore (Olean), Terrell Rankin (Sweet Home), Marcus Rivers (Lackawanna), Kevin Roth (St. Francis).

2007-2008: Rahshon Tabb (Niagara Falls), Jamal Webb (East), Anthony Greene (Grover Cleveland), Mansa Habeeb (McKinley), Will Regan (Nichols).

Note: We tweaked the eras just slightly to included 1999-2000 with the 2000s. That's because that's the season I started on the beat. I organized that year's team and all that have followed, so it made more sense to have an all-McShea era team, if you will. It also provides a little balance by giving the 1990s and 2000s nine teams each.

It's been great fun for me going back down memory lane as I come up with my team -- it will be published this Saturday, Jan. 31. So many great players, moments, coaches, teams, games, seasons, shots, passes, dunks ... it's a blast.

So who are the best of the 2000s?  Who should be in the top 20? How about top five? And why? Let us know in the comments section below, or email

---Keith McShea


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