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How The News voted: Super Tuesday

After Super Sunday, we have been greeted by Super Tuesday.

Tonight there are 47 games, including such a great bunch of great matchups that I've asked Prep Talk Nation to help me decide where to go.

The polls are almost certain to be affected by tonight's games.

Every week 10 voters participate in The News' large and small school polls for boys basketball. The poll is published Tuesday in the Sidelines of the Scholastic Spotlight.

Here are our previous looks at the basket: Preseason, Poll No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4, No. 5 and last week's.

And here's this week's ...

Large schools

1. East (12-2) [last week: 1] - The rest of the poll keeps catching on (East up to a tie for No. 2). 

Watch the video.

Now watch this video.

2. Nichols [14-6] [4] - All of a sudden these guys are beating teams the way they were beating them with Canestro. More evidence they'd have been No. 1 the whole time if he was playing. This sentence was written after Nichols thumped Timon, but the vote was in before that.

3. Bishop Timon-St. Jude (16-4) [5] - Again, this vote (behind Nichols) was before Monday's game. I had put a lot of value in the Canisius win.

4. Williamsville South (12-3) [6] - Two thorough victories over Sweet Home deserve a reward, especially with the inconsistency among the big boys in this poll. Coppola and all those weapons sure know what they are doing out there. 

5. Niagara Falls (12-3) [2] - The close win over Kenmore West is a head-scratcher. Perhaps things will make sense tonight at NT. 

6. Canisius (17-4) [3] - The St. Joe's game looked great at the time, not as much now. Tough to fall a few spots after a gritty win over Kearney and a close loss to Timon on back-to-back nights, but this top seven is crazy. Timon deserves to be ahead of them, I still have Falls ahead of them on the head-to-head meeting. South is playing too well (no losses in 2010).

For the Crusaders, it's more of a case of so many teams doing well then them doing poorly. The same can be said for ...

7. Jamestown (13-2) [7] - ... the Red Raiders, who remain in poll purgatory until they work its way back up (check the poll -- I'm not the only one who feels this way). Some other things are at work, poll-wise, however. With not just Jamestown's losses but a full-strength OP falling to Frontier, and Clarence's loss at Amherst, the strength of the league takes a hit.

8. Sweet Home (11-4) [8] - Just for the record: I don't think D.J. Nettles playing for Sweet Home automatically means a Panther win. Two league losses will lead to Sweet Home's rating taking a hit and set them up to be fighting like a cornered animal come sectionals.

9. St. Francis (12-9) [NR] - Yes, they lost at home to Canisius, and at Nichols, both members of what I think is a magnificent (for now) seven. I've seen them play and I'd take them against former No. 10 OP and ...

10. North Tonawanda (13-3) [10] - ... the Lumberjacks. NT edges OP out of the top 10 because OP lost to Frontier, and, just a reminder: NT beat Falls. Can they possibly do it again tonight?

Small schools

1. Olean (14-2) [1] - Another crushing defeeat of A-L, a unanimous top 10 team. Jeesh.

2. Middle College (13-1) [2] - Kats at Grover on Thursday. Better charge up the iPhone.

3. Depew (13-1) [4] - Only two teams in WNY have just one loss. This one and the one above it. Tonight Maryvale visits.  

4. Grover Cleveland (10-1) [3] - Bubble burst by Bennett.

5. St. Mary's (11-7) [5] - The rest of this poll looks familiar, much to the chagrin of certain angry fans out there.

6. Maple Grove (8-5) [6] - Would LOVE to see the gym when St. Joe's visits Bemus Point. Arggg. So much hoops, so little time. 

7. Allegany-Limestone (11-3) [7] - Losing to Olean the way most anybody would lose to Olean. We'll probably have to wait until Buffalo State to see if the Gators chomp on the Niagara-Orleans league this year.

8. Wilson (11-2) [8] - I checked the poll about what game I should see tonight on Monday afternoon, and there were about 50 votes and NT-NF had a decent lead. I checked the poll after getting back from Timon at Nichols, and it had about 150 votes and Medina at Wilson was leading in a landslide. Hmmmmm.

Speaking of school spirit, today is black, orange and white day in school.

9. Medina (10-3) [9] - Today is NOT black, orange and white day in school.

10. Lackawanna (10-3) [10] - Thorough bounce-back over Holland, but the Alden loss still weighs them down here.

Don't like what you're reading? The comment space is below.

Also, visit the live chat Thursday night around 10.

---Keith McShea


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