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Friday Night Live with PrepTalkTV: Will South beats Timon, 65-56

It's a PrepTalkTV first as we tip off at a girls game -- and it's a great one as Nichols hosts Sacred Heart in the Monsignor Martin Association powers' second meeting of the season.

Here's our take on tonight:

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As always, if you were at a game tonight, let us know how it went here in our comments section.

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5:56 p.m. The cozy Nichols gym is getting cozier as fans file in for the big game. The girls are on the court for their pregame shootarounds. There are 13 minutes counting down on the scoreboard. The preceding game here was a St. Francis-Nichols JV boys game won by the visitors.

6:04 p.m. Both coaches -- Ron Torgalski of Nichols and Sister Maria Pares of Sacred Heart -- are standing under their baskets as their teams go through the final minutes of warmups.

6:14 p.m. We're tipping off.

6:17 p.m. Katie Healy reverse layup is answered by a Njideka Boble basket. An open Christina Healy off a nice pass. Katie Healy with a nice drive from the left side for a 6-2 Sacred Heart lead. Standout freshman Taylor Rooks is fouled with 5:49 left in the first; she misses both.

6:19 p.m. Taylor Rooks with a nice steal and drive; Sarah Pawlak answers inside off a nice bounce pass. Sacred Heart, 8-4. A runner by Sloan Walton for Nichols; travel on Sacred Heart with 4:22 left in first.

6:22 p.m. Rooks with a great hustle play to swipe a loose ball Sloan Walton hits a three for a 9-8 Nichols lead. Crowd loved it.

6:23 p.m. Katie Healy off a rebound; Sacred Heart, 10-9. Under three minutes. Nice baseline floater by Walton; Nichols, 11-10.

6:24 p.m. Katie Healy with a fast-break layup; Noble from Meghan Heldwein off nice ball movement from Nichols; Katie Healy with a nice reverse layup in traffic, nice awareness of where she was.

6:26 p.m. Sophomore LaTrice Hall of Sacred Heart drops a baseline jumper from the right side (right in front of me as I'm sitting on the court, photographer-style) just before the buzzer to give Sacred Heart a three-point lead.

At the end of the first quarter, Sacred Heart leads Nichols, 16-13.

6:29 p.m. Krissy Russo starts the second quarter the way Sacred Heart ended it -- hitting another three on a bank-shot.

6:30 p.m. Following a Nichols turnover, Bridget Andrews swishes a three from the left side for Sacred Heart for a 22-13 lead. That prompts a timeout by Nichols coach Torgalski with 6:47 left in the second quarter.

6:31 p.m. Rooks with a fast break; 22-15 Sacred Heart; Sharks travel; Nichols turnover; Sacred Heart miss; Nichols miss; Sarah Pawlak hits another three for Sacred Heart and the lead is 25-15 with under five minutes to play in the second.

6:34 p.m. Pawlak is fouled and hits one of two with 4:33 left in second; 26-15.

6:35 p.m. Another three by Sacred Heart as Pawlak drills one from the left baseline. Wow. Great shooting by the Sharks. Nichols calls another three-induced timeout with 3:36 left in the second quarter and Sacred Heart up, 29-15.

6:45 p.m. WOW what a finish to the quarter by Sacred Heart, which scored the quarter's last 17 points. Whoa.

At HALFTIME, Sacred Heart leads Nichols, 39-15.

A recap of the fantastic finish to a 23-2 quarter for Sacred Heart:

A Pawlak block of Rooks -- I believe her second in two possessions -- leads to a three-pointer by Russo for a 32-15 lead with 2:05 left. A turnover by Nichols was followed by a layup by Katie Healy with 1:40 left (34-15). A Pawlak steal translated to an un-boxed out Hall putting in an offensive rebound for a 36-15 lead. One free throw by Katie Healy and two by Russo in the final minute pushed the lead to 24.

6:51 p.m. I'm going to take off to Williamsville South to make sure I get a good seat for the Billies game with Bishop Timon-St. Jude. More updates to come.

7:36 p.m. Hello from Williamsville South, where we are plugged in courtside and we're about to tip off.

7:37 p.m. Kevin O'Connell drives and scores easily; Jordan Williams hits a three for a 3-2 Timon lead. Joe Licata dribble fakes and nails a three. Foul after the play on Aaron Adams.

Some sloppy play by both sides, then Erik Hansen scores down low with a reverse layup off a nice feed from O'Connell. Williams with a pretty reverse layup off a pass through the lane by Kobis; 7-5 South under six minutes left in first.

Dave Scarcello swishes a three; Licata misses one. Timon, 8-7 with 5:03 left in first. Ryan Dougherty with a nice putback; 10-7 Timon.

Phil Stasiak fouled off an inbound pass with 4:18 left in first. Hits both. 10-9.

O'Connell with a steal but the fast break fails; 3:30 left in first. Turnover Timon. Scarcello picks up his second foul. Stasiak scores on a nice play; 11-10 South under three minutes. Scarcello three goes in-and-out.

7:46 p.m. Dougherty earns a foul on Hansen driving to the basket with 2:21 left. Hits both; Timon, 12-11.

Matt Radel with a baseline jumper for South; 13-12 South. Timon turnover. South turnover.

Miss by Kobis turns into a break for South; Hansen banks it in. Timon turnover. South, 15-12, with 43.5 seconds left.

Williams' shot at the buzzer misses. O'Connell picked up a second foul just before the end of the quarter -- fans didn't like it but it was a two-handed hand check.

At the end of the first quarter, South leads Timon, 15-12.

7:52 p.m. Scarcello picks up his third foul 25 seconds into the second. Kobis hits a long two; South, 15-14.

O'Connell fouled on a drive with 7:05 left in second. Miss, miss.

Jordan Williams with an offensive foul as he plows into a defender with 6:01 left in second.

Licata with a drive -- then apparently he hit the ball out of the Timon player's hand. I didn't see it but the Timon bench and fans were incensed. Kobis hits a long two; 17-16 South under five minutes to go in second.

Williams hits a tough, contested jumper; Timon, 18-17. Kobis with a nice steal but he is out of bounds. Licata misses a jumper. Dougherty scores inside after a nice entry by Williams. O'Connell on a drive down the middle; Timon, 20-19. Kobis misses deep three. O'Connell with an awkward falling-forward drive than banks in; South, 21-20; less than three minutes to play in second.

7:59 p.m. Dougherty spins in the lane and is fouled with 2:44 left in second. Hits first. South calls a timeout in between the free throws as we're tied at 21-21. Second is good; Timon, 22-21.

Stasiak scores on a drive but he's called for an offensive foul, his second foul. Bryant Fulton rebounds and scores. South fans upset with no calls. There was a flop early that shouldn't have been a call. O'Connell fouled on offensive end, hits two. Timon, 24-23. Timon turnover, South turnover.

Williams loses it on a drive; South comes down and O'Connell drives and scores. South, 25-24. Timon has the ball on an uneasy possession and Timon coach Jim Palano calls a timeout with 1:04 left in the second quarter.

Ricky Mendiola scores off a nice pass; South, 27-24. Williams a nice cut and Dougherty a nice bounce pass; Williams to the line with 19.6 seconds left. Makes first. Makes second; South, 27-26.

Licata misses a three off some baseline screens; Timon doesn't get a shot off before the buzzer.

8:08 p.m. At HALFTIME, Williamsville South leads Bishop Timon-St. Jude, 27-26.

8:17 p.m. Lauren Mariacher is on her way here from Maryvale, which she said was "crazy." Close game early on with the Flyers and Cheektowaga. The atmosphere here is kind of dead, frankly. The gym is quiet save for some whining at the officials -- from both sides.

8:20 p.m. On the first play of the half, Kobis and Stasiak collide as Licata hits a three; the basket is waved off and we have a wet spot to attend to. Nine seconds into the half.

Hansen scores off a nice feed from O'Connell. South, 29-26.

Kobis with a great transition and tough finish. South, 29-28. Licata missed three; Timon beats South downcourt for a Williams layup. Licata pops a three. South, 32-30, with just over six minutes left in third. Kobis from Fulton off an offensive rebound by Dougherty. Tied, 32-32. Stasiak missed jumper may have hit a little iron; ball out of bounds to Timon with 5:15 left in third.

8:26 p.m. Kobis on a nice floater down the lane. Stasiak with a putback. Scarcello with a three off a Kobis kickout; Timon, 37-34. Stasiak fouled on a drive; Kobis' first foul. Turnover, Timon.

O'Connell fouled in post by Pat Fahey with 3:53 left. Williams is doing a great job defending Licata. Miss Licata off of a switch. South foul with 3:10 left in third; foul on the floor.

Sweet fallaway jumper by Kobis; Timon, 39-34. Hansen fouled on a drive by Dougherty that looked like it should have been a no call; 2:51 left. First good, second good; 39-36 Timon.

Nice ball movement by Timon ends with another sweet swish jumper by Williams. Timon, 41-36. Stasiak back the other way and he's fouled by Kobis in transition with 2:23 left. First is good; second is good; Timon, 41-38.

Stasiak drives to the hoop, totally blows over a defender, but the call is a block. Timon fans rightfully upset. 1:57 left in third; first misses, second good; Timon, 41-39.

I nearly got blown over by Scarcello going for a loose ball out of bounds but he whizzed right past me.

8:34 p.m. Timon coach Palano calls a timeout leading, 41-39, with 1:33 left in the third.

Dougherty fouled nearly intentionally underneath by O'Connell, his third. He hits both. Timon, 43-39.

Dougherty gets whacked out of the way by Hansen and this time the call is correct, a charge. O'Connell drive on one end answered by Fulton fast-break; 45-41 Timon.

8:38 p.m. At the END OF THE THIRD QUARTER, Timon leads South, 45-41.

Nice start for South as Licata drains a three from the right side; Timon, 45-44. Timon misses an easy one but causes a turnover and scores on a fast break as O'Connell goaltends; Timon, 47-44. Licata misses a three. Under seven minutes left.

Kobis misses drive; South runs and O'Connell's kickout is to an open Licata but he misses. Stays with South; Radel scores on nifty move down low. Turnover Timon as Kobis overthrows Williams. Timeout Timon with 6:00 left and Timon up, 47-46.

Great play for South out of the timeout: Three by Licata. South, 49-47. Scramble off a loose ball in the Timon end, Timon wants a tie-up but the far official rules it a timeout for South with 5:29 left.

Timon rebounds a South miss; Bryant is trapped and calls a timeout with 5:06 left. South, 49-47.

South forces a 10-second backcourt violation; Licata airballs a three. Bryant with a nice drive but it doesn't go down; great transition with O'Connell pushing ahead to Licata; South, 51-47. Kobis fouled by Radel with 3:52 left in the game. Timon miss; Scarcello forces five-second violation on O'Connell with 3:21 left.

Scarcello misses a three. South misses in transition. Kobis drives and draws contatct from two players with 2:40 left. Misses first, misses second. South, 51-47. Timon's Dougherty gets rebound.

8:53 p.m. Timon with a bad shot, South is on the move and there's Licata in the left corner for a three-pointer and a 54-47 lead. Boom. Timeout Timon, 2:12 to play.

Stasiak with a steal at the top of the key and he bolts in for a layup; 56-47 South with under 1:45 left. Kobis misses a three. Timon is slow to foul a South player but finally Licata is hit with 1:17 left in the game and South up, 56-47. Timeout, South.

8:57 p.m. Timon yet to get in the bonus, so South's ball out of bounds. Kobis with a steal and he's fouled going in for a layup with 1:10 left. Hits both; South, 56-49.

Inbound to Licata and he's fouled right away; 1:09 to go. Hits first, hits second; South, 58-49. Licata on a steal; he's fouled with 1:00 left. First good, second good; South, 60-49. Kobis fast break; South, 60-51. Timeout Timon with 53 seconds left.

Timon gets a steal but Williams is called for traveling before the three. Stasiak is fouled with 45.6 seconds left. Hits first, misses second; 61-51 South. Turnover Timon; Licata fouled with 37.9 seconds left. Hits first, hits second; South, 63-51. Kobis hits a floater, 63-53 South. Timon forces turnover with 23.9 seconds left. Williams misses a three.

Timon forces a South turnover again with 17.3 seconds left. Kobis hits a three; South, 63-56. O'Connell is fouled with 8.8 seconds left. Hits first; hits second; South, 65-56.

9:06 p.m. We have a FINAL SCORE: Williamsville South 65, Bishop Timon-St. Jude 56.

Off for interviews, stats, writing and PrepTalkTVing.

Check out tonight's scores as we get them at our scoreboard page.

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The finished products:

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* Game story on Sacred Heart-Nichols.

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* High School Extra.

---Keith McShea


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