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Friday Night Live with PrepTalkTV & your #preptalkscores

Tonight we'll be starting at the Yale Cup I battle of No. 8 small school East at No. 10 large school Hutch-Tech and ending with No. 3 large school Jamestown's trip to Williamsville North in ECIC I action. 

While I'll have updates from those games, tweets to the hashtag #preptalkscores will also automatically show up in the live blog. So if you are a game tonight and you're updating via Twitter, be sure to include that hashtag. I'll have periodic tweets updating the game at @KeithMcSheaBN, but most of my updating will come in the live blog.

Check out tonight's full schedule on our scoreboard page, where you can check back throughout the night for updated box scores and highlights.

See you out at the games, in the chat and on the tweeter. :-)

* * *

The PrepTalkTV video will be posted as soon as possible tonight.

* * * 

If you were monitoring the live blog, or if you read through it later, you're probably wondering -- as I was -- waddup with that point that disappeared?

Well, the point did disappear. 

After Sterling Taplin hit a three-pointer, that drew Will North to within 46-39. A few plays later a point was taken off the scoreboard -- and you can see in the live blog how that was very puzzling to me. 

The problem was, there was a discrepancy over a made free throw by Winkler. That free throw was not recorded in each team's scorebook (I have pictures of them). North's statistician, doing stats from the stands, did record the free throw, as I did -- but he was not keeping track of the total score as I was.

At some point, at the scorer's table, the books thought they had a discrepancy with the scoreboard. I was on the other side of the court, so I don't know how this went down. But typically, if there is a discrepancy, the two books are compared and the rule is that the home book rules. After this happened, the point was taken off the board.

And at that point, there's nothing else that can be done. At that point, an incorrect score, in effect, by rule, becomes the correct one. It obviously took a while for me to figure things out, but that's the full explanation.

Unfortunately, mistakes are made. I do not envy the individuals who do the scorebooks. They are volunteers (and often students), the job is NOT easy (take it from someone who tries to write down every basket and do it correctly) and the pressure on them can be immense.

I might write about this for my next Prep Talk column. We'll see what my editor says. :-)   

---Keith McShea

(@KeithMcSheaBN on Twitter)


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