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How The News voted: Week Nine

Every week a panel of voters participate in The News' large and small school football polls, and every week we tell you how The News voted.

The News is one of 10 voters on the large and small school polls. 

An archive of this year's ballots: Week Eight, Week Seven, Week Six, Week Five, Week Four, Week Three, Week Two, Week One.


1. Canisius (9-0) [1] -- Another underlining of their ranking with win at St. Joe's.

2Jamestown (8-1) [3] -- Very impressive in avenging their only loss (check out great highlights & interviews from John Hickey's video here). Look ready for their rematch with ... 

3. Orchard Park (8-1) [4] -- ... the Quakers, who did that very impressive big-second-half thing again up in Lockport. Saturday night shaping up to be a great one.

4. Sweet Home (9-0) [5] -- Routs of Starpoint and Will East, I thought, perhaps put some separation and the team below them, and perhaps it did, but I think both are as close as they've been this season after this week. I expected another big win by Sweet Home over Grand Island, which ended up a 14-0 muddy win -- all the credit to a good GI team, but when you're sizing up polls, especially at this time of year, it's something to consider.  

5. West Seneca East (9-0) [6] -- As I referenced above and wrote about last week, I thought Sweet Home had put some distance between it and WSE but I'm back to where I've been most of the season. There is something about this Trojan team that tells me that Friday night's game is going to be outstanding. 

6. Bishop Timon-St. Jude (5-4) [2] -- Loss at St. Francis didn't have any bearing on playoff implications, but it's a regular season game and considering how close I've said that the 'second six' behind Canisius have been, the Tigers certainly need to be penalized here. 

7. St. Joe's (7-2) [7] -- Marauders lost to Canisius at home by a touchdown, Timon lost the week before to Canisius by 12, Timon beat St. Joe's the week prior, so the Marauders need to be tucked behind Timon.

8. Lockport (6-3) [8] -- Excellent season by the Lions. Two losses to OP, one to St. Joe's. 

9. Frontier (6-3) [9] -- The third reason in this poll why the AA South is so tough. 

10. Grand Island (7-2) [NR] -- This week we're going with the Vikings for toughing it out at Sweet Home. They're here juuuuuuuust ahead of AA South's Clarence. 

Next on the list? Probably Iroquois and/or Will South.


1. Alden (9-0) [1] -- Commitment to excellence. 

2. Depew (7-2) [2] -- Wildcats need to stay up high. Played very well at Alden with an injured Rodney Turner not his explosive self. The Alden games are a sign of the Bulldogs' excellence, not something that can be held against the Wildcats on this list. 

3. St. Mary's (5-3) [3] -- A very solid No. 3. St. Francis looking for revenge Saturday with a big trip to The Ralph on the line. 

4. Maple Grove (9-0) [5] -- Red Dragons looking very, very strong.

5. Springville (5-4) [7] -- Best story of the season. 

6. Burgard (6-2) [6] -- Tough slotting in very good teams from very good classes/divisions once their season is over, but we think the Bulldogs would be OK in matchups with the C South squads.

7. Cleveland Hill (7-2) [9] -- Golden Eagles follow great win at Salamanca with great win at Wilson, which they handled much easier than I thought, which is part of the reason I give them the slightest of edges, poll-wise, over a team it lost to on the road in the ...

8. Fredonia (7-2) [NR] -- ... Hillbillies, who marked off a top road win of their own in the mud at JFK. Check out the muddy uniforms in the highlights, and even the mud on the face of the players in the interviews, in Charles Lewis' great video.

9. Randolph (7-2) [10] -- They might move up depending on what we see this weekend after their classic matchup against Maple Grove.

10. JFK (7-2) [8] -- C North champion Bears hang in here despite the loss. We'll certainly take them over Cheektowaga, which falls hard despite an excellent record (8-1) due to the unfortunate personnel issues that helped end their season (just as they did last year).

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---Keith McShea

(@KeithMcSheaBN on Twitter)

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