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PrepTalkTV: Williamsville South 35, McKinley 14

PrepTalkTV: Depew 34, Burgard 20

Week Eight kicks off with Canisius' win at Timon, wild Section VI playoffs, Prep Talk Live and your #preptalkscores

Week Eight means we are starting the Section VI postseason. There are plenty of intriguing games tonight that will help set the final four in many classes, but I'll be on hand for the top 10 Monsignor Martin Association battle of No. 1 Canisius at No. 6 Bishop Timon-St. Jude on Fitzpatrick Field in South Buffalo. I wrote a preview of this weekend's action in today's paper.

I will have live play-by-play updates from Timon. Lauren Mariacher will also be there while our staff of video/photographers will be at Section VI playoff games.

We encourage you to tweet updates with the hashtag #preptalkscores attached -- that's the quickest way for us to share the information through the live chat (tweets with that hashtag will automatically show up). You can also certainly still tweet those updates to @bufnewspreptalk and @KeithMcSheaBN.

For a list of tonight's games, check out our high school scoreboard page. Also check out the standings link on the right side; we have some bugs to work out but we're excited about that (see football here).

* * * 

We'll be back with another live blog to monitor Saturday's games, including Clarence at Lockport at 2 to St. Mary's at St. Joe's and other big contests.

On Sunday night at 8:30 p.m., Lauren Mariacher and I will bring you another episode of PrepTalkTV Sunday, our live wrapup show here at It will be packed with highlights, interviews, analysis and in-studio guests. PrepTalkTV Sunday follows the 7:30 p.m. broadcast of our Bills wrapup show, [BN]TheHuddle; Lauren and I will be part of that as well.  

---Keith McShea

(@KeithMcSheaBN on Twitter)

Live chat (Oct. 18): Talking Canisius-Timon, Depew-Burgard, debating 'crushing' & TML talks soccer

The playoffs are about 24 hours away, so that should make for a fun chat tonight. We're targeting a start of 9:45 due to a busy evening.

We're writing a story right now -- and I'll also be appearing on "Officially Yours" on The Breeze (1230 AM and 102.9 FM) and WLVL (1340 AM). The show is also available at I'll be on with Western New York high school football guru Dick Gallagher as we discuss the Section VI playoffs. St. Joe's football coach Dennis Gilbert will also be part of the broadcast. 

Then we'll be back for the chat, and, as always, anything in the world of high school sports -- or our coverage of it -- is up for discussion.

I promise I'll get to your question or comment -- but please be patient. It can get busy fielding all of the questions and I can only answer one at a time. And PLEASE don't enter your question/comment multiple times -- that only makes things more hectic.

* * *

Here are our previous chats: Week One kickoff chat on Aug. 30 (the post includes an archive of 2011-12 chats) and Sunday's post-PrepTalkTV Sunday chat (Sept. 2).

Week Two Thursday chat (Sept. 6) and post-PrepTalkTV Sunday chat (Sept. 9).

Week Three Thursday chat (Sept. 13) and post-PrepTalkTV Sunday chat (Sept. 16).

Week Four Thursday chat (Sept. 20) and post-PrepTalkTV Sunday chat (Sept. 23).

Week Five Thursday chat (Sept. 27) and post-PrepTalkTV Sunday chat (Sept. 30).

Week Six Thursday chat (Oct. 4) and post-PrepTalkTV Sunday chat (Oct. 7).

Week Seven Thursday chat (Oct. 11) and post-PrepTalkTV Sunday chat (Oct. 14).

If you have a question but you won't be able to make the chat, post one in the comments section here, email me or send it via Twitter and I'll do my best to address it.

---Keith McShea

(@KeithMcSheaBN on Twitter)

Intense Milks Game of the Week crew is back on the radio

The Intense Milks Game of the Week is back on the radio, just in time for the playoffs. 

The crew of play-by-play man/broadcast founder Rich Kozak, color commentator Hall of Fame coach Art Serotte and sideline reporter Dr. John Pluta was brought out of retirement when the title sponsor put a deal together and many other of the broadcast's former sponsors jumped on board. 

The crew will broadcast Friday's Depew-Burgard Class B quarterfinal at 7 p.m. at All High Stadium on WXRL (1300 AM). The broadcast will also be available via and the National HIgh School Broadcast Network ( Here is the direct link to the game.

Kozak said they will be doing an "Intense Milks Playoff Game of the Week" broadcast through the regionals, which means they will be on the air for a total of four weeks. 

It is great to have this crew back on the air -- not only to have high school sports broadcast at all (WGR also dropped its high school games this season), but because this crew is beyond entertaining. The enthusiasm is terrific and the analysis is excellent as well.

---Keith McShea

(@KeithMcSheaBN on Twitter)

How The News voted: Week Seven

Every week a panel of voters participate in The News' large and small school football polls, and every week we tell you how The News voted.

The News is one of 10 voters on the large and small school polls. 


1. Canisius (7-0) [1] -- Still a clear choice. Absolutely should have been unanimous ... LAST week.

2. Bishop Timon-St. Jude (5-2) [5] -- They deserve the bump based on the win over St. Joe's. Spots No. 2 through No. 6 in this poll are extremely tight and your most recent performance should make the difference. Consistency alert: I've had them up in this spot before -- that was after the last time they played a local large school, which was back in Week One (winning at Will South). Can they possibly have another Fitzpatrick Field party after Canisius visits Friday?

3Jamestown (6-1) [2] -- I thought the Clarence game would be tough, it was and the Red Raiders finished very strong. It probably created the thinnest of slivers of space for big-win Timon to move past them. If they beat Clarence going away, maybe we don't move Timon past. We still like their all-around game a ton.

4. Orchard Park (6-1) [3] -- Still like them tucked right behind the Red Raiders based on the loss down in Jamestown, and I think these two will very likely remain that way until they meet up at The Ralph.

5. Sweet Home (7-0) [6] -- This might be unfair, but that's life as an A school in Week Seven. There will be judgement days ahead where we'll see if we think these Panthers deserve to be higher. 

6. West Seneca East (7-0) [7] -- Same for the Trojans. One of the judgement days might have WSE meeting up with Sweet Home. I've said it before on the blog: I've definitely thought about moving these guys past Sweet Home. They're that good.

7. St. Joe's (6-1) [4] -- Very vociferous Marauder fans (including my first Tweeter block ever in the history of all-time) have been just waiting for me to say it, so I'll say it. I told you so.

C'mon, just having some fun :-).

I have had St. Joe's down in this area before. I had my doubts. I didn't think their schedule warranted anything higher. Yes, they lost a close one at Timon without Nigel Davis. They also committed way too many mistakes -- something that happened at Lockport as well. Last week I wrote about the Marauders having played three different quarterbacks. Not having that consistency at perhaps the most important position in sports is something I have had concerns about all year. There's a lot of football to be played, for sure, so this may change: But for most other teams on this ballot, they know who they are (and I think I know who they are). That counts for a lot.     

8. Lockport (5-2) [8] -- Have to stay tucked in behind St. Joe's, but another very good team. The visit from Clarence should be a stern test. 

9. Frontier (6-1) [9] -- Fell behind in rivalry game at Hamburg and then hammered them the rest of the way. They head to Niagara Falls and this poll says they're headed down to Jamestown to see if they can beat the Red Raiders again. 

10. McKinley (5-2) [10] -- They hold off another team that's been on the outside looking in at this list all season in Grand Island -- on the field and on the poll.

After an undefeated start, Grand Island is on the road to face another team that's just on the bubble in Iroquois. I still might consider Clarence 10a, particularly after the strong challenge to Jamestown. The is-Williamsville-South-back-? question remains after another big win, one that came without Trent Ferguson. South gets its chance at season-long redemption when it plays a potentially explosive game Friday against McKinley at Riverside. 


1. Alden (7-0) [1] -- I should develop a save key or something for the Bulldogs. 

2. Depew (6-1) [3] -- I really didn't want to move them down last week. I feel better now.

3. St. Mary's (5-2) [4] -- Solid rout of Section V's Batavia. Playing at a very high level, which is why ...  

4. Cheektowaga (7-0) [2] -- ... the Warriors' having to go overtime at home against Maryvale drops them back two spots. We think that highly of the top three.

5. Maple Grove (7-0) [5] -- Clear favorite in D. We've written that, oh, maybe 100 times over the years? :-)   

6. Burgard (6-1) [6] -- Bulldogs host Depew Friday in marquee matchup of quarterfinals. Play the game on Saturday and I'm there (I'll be at No. 1 Canisius at Timon).

7. Lew-Port (5-2) [7] -- They get another shot at Cheektowaga, this time on the road. The first time wasn't pretty. But if Jackson is out for the Warriors, there's a chance things may go differently.

8. Salamanca (6-1) [8] -- Still tough to gauge C teams. Near-impossible. Win over Springville in Week One doesn't hurt when trying to find a team to stick out from the rest.

9. JFK (6-1) [NR] -- QB Nick Anderson is a playmaker who can do a ton for the Bears, who also have some good weapons and some serious guts (comeback from 28-14 and going for two to win it).

10. Randolph (5-2) [9] -- JFK is rewarded, Cardinals slip back. They've been rolling but one of the better wins we're not sure about (Chautauqua Lake followed rout loss to Randolph with rout loss to Silver Creek).

Eden is probably 11 after one-point win at Southwestern for the B South champs. Most of the rest of the C bracket is bunched in here along with Springville, Pioneer, Silver Creek and Chautaqua Lake.

Don't like what you're reading? The comment space is below, let us know via Twitter or facebook (addresses below), or join the live chat Thursday evening at 9.

---Keith McShea

(@KeithMcSheaBN on Twitter)

PrepTalkTV Sunday (Week Seven): Sectional playoff preview, St. Mary's visits, rivalry rewind

In our live broadcast, Keith McShea and Lauren Mariacher interview St. Mary's coach Dave Hersey and senior captain Alex Horvatits, review Week Seven and take a bracket-by-bracket look ahead to next week's playoffs:

Note: Our apologies. Due to technical difficulties, the beginning of the show was cut off. It featured a look at Bishop Timon-St. Jude's big win over St. Joe's, which you can watch at our video page.

Here are our previous episodes of PrepTalkTV Sunday, which airs live at 8:30 p.m. every Sunday:

Week Six (Big wins by Jamestown, St. Joe's & Canisius; visits from West Seneca East & Bishop Timon-St. Jude);

Week Five (Alden wins battle for No. 1, St. Joe's visits after big Aquinas win, Lockport also visits before hosting St. Joe's);

Week Four (WSE's big win, late drama for Sweet Home, Burgard & Lew-Port, interviews with Depew & Alden before No. 1 vs. No. 2);

Week Three (St. Joe's, Canisius wins, Burgard's Hail Mary, interviews with Sweet Home and All-WNY alums from Buffalo State);

Week Two (OP routs Clarence, winning in West Seneca, interviews with Canisius);

Week One is not available (it featured Timon's win at Will South and interview with Ryan Dougherty, OP's win at Lockport and interview with Ben Holmes).

For all of our videos, including many more clips and highlights from each weekend, check out our video home page.

Section VI Week Eight postseason football schedule

Here is Section VI's schedule for this coming week -- Week Eight.

For some of the reasons behind why teams are what seeds, see our weekend playoff picture blog.


4N-Hutch-Tech at 1S-Jamestown, Friday 7 p.m.
3S-Frontier at 2N-Niagara Falls, Saturday 2 p.m.
3N-Kenmore West at 2S-Orchard Park, Friday 7 p.m.
4S-Clarence at 1N-Lockport, Saturday 2 p.m.

4N-Starpoint at 1S-West Seneca East, 7 p.m. Friday
3S-Williamsville South vs. 2N-McKinley, 7 p.m. Friday at Riverside 
3N-Grand Island at 2S-Iroquois, Friday 7 p.m.
4S-Williamsville East at 1N-Sweet Home, Saturday 2 p.m.

8-Pioneer at 1-Alden, Friday 7 p.m.
5-Depew vs. 4-Burgard at All High, Friday 7 p.m.
6-Springville at 3-Eden, Saturday 2 p.m.
7-Lew-Port at 2-Cheektowaga, Friday 7 p.m.

4S-Cassadaga Valley at 1N-JFK, Saturday 1:30 p.m.
3N-Fredonia at 2S-Allegany-Limestone, Friday 7:30 p.m.
3S-Westfield at 2N-Wilson, Friday 7 p.m.
4N-Cleveland Hill at 1S-Salamanca, Friday 7:30 p.m.

8-I-Prep/Grover at 1-Maple Grove, Friday 7 p.m.
5-Portville at 4-Chautauqua Lake, Friday 7 p.m.
6-Frewsburg at 3-Silver Creek, Friday 7 p.m.
7-Cattaraugus/Little Valley at 2-Randolph, Friday 7 p.m.

4-Panama at 1-Ellicottville/West Valley, Friday 7:30 p.m.
3-Clymer at 2-Sherman/Ripley, TBA


6S-Lancaster at 5N-Riverside, Saturday 3 p.m.
V-Irondequoit at 5S-West Seneca West, Friday 7 p.m.
FINAL at Depew: Thu. Oct. 25, 8:30 p.m.

6S-Hamburg at 5N-Williamsville North, Saturday 2 p.m.
6N-Kenmore East vs. 5S-South Park, Thursday 8 p.m. at TBA
FINAL at Depew: Thu. Oct. 25, 6 p.m.

12-Dunkirk at 9-Medina, Friday 7 p.m.
11-East at 10-Maryvale, Friday 7 p.m.
FINAL at Pioneer: Thu. Oct. 25, 7:30 p.m.

6S-Falconer at 5N-Akron, Friday 7 p.m.
6N-Gowanda at 5S-Southwestern, Thursday 6:30 p.m.
FINAL at Pioneer: Thu. Oct. 25, 5 p.m.

Nichols at 5-Franklinville, Friday 6:30 p.m.
7-Forestville at 6-Pine Valley, Friday 7:30 p.m.
FINAL at Southwestern: Thu. Oct. 25, 5:30 p.m.
Class D Bowl Final at Southwestern: Thu. Oct 25, 8 p.m.

SECTION VI Week Eight Matchup Games

Olean at Lackawanna, Wednesday 6 p.m.
Barker/Roy-Hart at Amherst, Thursday 5:30 p.m.
Bennett at North Tonawanda, Thursday 6 p.m.
Niagara-Wheatfield at Lake Shore, Thursday 6 p.m.
Tonawanda at Albion, Friday 7:30 p.m.
Newfane at East Aurora, Friday 7:30 p.m.

---Keith McShea

(@KeithMcSheaBN on Twitter)

PrepTalkTV Sunday tonight at 8:30; live chat to follow

With Week Seven of high school football complete, our seventh episode of PrepTalkTV Sunday will air live tonight at 8:30 p.m. right on the home page of

We'll have highlights, postgame interviews and analysis. We will again have great guests in studio. St. Mary's coach Dave Hersey and senior captain Alex Horvatits will talk about the Lancers' excellent season. We'll also have a fun discussion with multi-talented News pollster Sean Bruso and Time Warner Cable SportsNet's David Dee about the Section VI football playoff brackets.

Afterwards, I'll have a live chat right here. It should start around 9:15 p.m., the exact time depends on how the live video shows go. Let us know what you thought of the show (and our Bills show [BN]TheHuddle, which starts tonight at 8) as well as all of the high school action, football and all fall sports.

As always, anything in the world of high school sports -- or our coverage of it -- is up for discussion.

As always, please just ask questions once. I promise I'll get to them.

---Keith McShea

(@KeithMcSheaBN on Twitter)

Section VI playoff picture is COMPLETE

Here's a class-by-class look at the Section VI playoff picture. We updated it throughout the weekend and now everything is all set. 

Section VI will announce times and sites for the playoff games Sunday, while it will also announce the matchups of the Chuck Funke Consolation Bowl Playoffs and any other additional games that will he played. We'll post that as soon as we can. 

The info below was put together based on the Section VI playoff procedures (starting on page 10 of the handbook) and from consultations with Section VI chairman Ken Stoldt.

The full standings are here (please note that the computer counted Lancaster's win over Niagara Falls twice, so their nonleague record erroneously has one more game than it should). All teams' scores this season are located below the standings.

If you see anything amiss, email me at or reach me at @KeithMcSheaBN on Twitter.

4N-Hutch-Tech at 1S-Jamestown
3S-Frontier at 2N-Niagara Falls
3N-Kenmore West at 2S-Orchard Park
4S-Clarence at 1N-Lockport

AA South: Jamestown (4-1) beats Clarence to get the top seed, followed by OP (4-1), Frontier (3-2) and Clarence (2-3).

4N-Starpoint at 1S-West Seneca East
3S-Williamsville South at 2N-McKinley
3N-Grand Island at 2S-Iroquois
4S-Williamsville East at 1N-Sweet Home

A North: Sweet Home (6-0) won at Starpoint (3-3) Saturday to take No. 1 overall. The winner of Grand Island (5-0) and McKinley (4-1) Saturday is No. 2, loser is No. 3.

A South: Williamsville South (3-2) clinched third its win over Lake Shore (0-5) Friday. ... Williamsville East (3-3) beat South Park (3-3) Saturday to earn the No. 4 spot.

8-Pioneer (second-best third-place team) at 1-Alden (best division winner)
5-Depew (second-best division runner-up) at 4-Burgard (best division runner-up)
6-Springville (third-best division runner-up) at 3-Eden (third-best division winner)
7-Lew-Port (best third-place team) at 2-Cheektowaga (second-best division winner)

B East: Alden (5-0 after beating Newfane Fri.) is No. 1; Depew (4-1) is No. 2; Medina (3-2 after beating Albion Friday) is No. 3. Note: B East league records do NOT include Barker/Roy-Hart games because they are really an A school and were placed in the league just for scheduling; that is NOT reflected on our standings page, our apologies for that.

B West: Cheektowaga (6-0 after beating Maryvale Fri.) is No. 1; Burgard (5-1 after beating Amherst Fri.) is No. 2; Lew-Port (4-2 after beating Lackawanna Fri.) earns No. 3; Maryvale had a shot at No. 3 but it lost to Cheektowaga Fri. 

B South: Eden (4-1) is No. 1; Pioneer (3-2), Olean (2-2 vs. Springville Sat.), Springville (2-2 at Olean Sat.) were in the mix for second and third. Pioneer beat Olean but lost to Springville. Springville beat Olean so it is: 2-Springville, 3-Pioneer.

Overall Class B: Alden and Cheektowaga are the top two seeds; Alden has a better point differential. Eden is No. 3. ... Based on win/loss percentages (first tiebreaker) and average point differential (second tiebreaker), Burgard and Depew occupy the next two spots -- Burgard clinched No. 4 with its win Friday. ... Springville's win makes it the No. 6 seed as the third-best runner-up. ... Lew-Port is No. 7 by virtue of its best record (4-2) among third-place teams. ... Pioneer (3-2) takes the last playoff spot by point differential tiebreaker over Medina (3-2).

4S-Cassadaga Valley (2-3) at 1N-JFK (4-1)
3N-Fredonia (3-2) at 2S-Allegany-Limestone (4-1)
3S-Westfield (3-2) at 2N-Wilson (3-2)
4N-Cleveland Hill (3-2) at 1S-Salamanca (4-1)

C North:  JFK beat Cleveland Hill for the No. 1 seed Saturday; Cleve Hill is No. 4 seed based on tiebreakers.

C South: Allegany-Limestone is 4-1 after win at Falconer Friday; Salamanca is 4-1 after win at Westfield (3-2) Friday. Salamanca takes No. 1 seed because it beat A-L head-to-head.

8-I-Prep/Grover (0-7 after losing to I-Prep) at 1-Maple Grove (7-0 after beating Frewsburg Fri.)
5-Portville (4-3 after beating I-Prep) at 4-Chautauqua Lake (4-3)
6-Frewsburg (3-4) at 3-Silver Creek (4-3)
7-Cattaraugus/Little Valley (1-6) at 2-Randolph (5-2)

Class D: Randolph (5-2) clinched No. 2 seed with win over CL/V Friday. ... Frewsburg dropped to 3-4 -- and the No. 6 seed -- after losing to Maple Grove Friday. 

Spots 3 through 5 were determined on tiebreakers: Silver Creek (4-3 after beating Chaut. Lake Fri.) is third based on point differential; Chautauqua Lake (4-3 after losing at Silver Creek Fri.) is fourth because it beat Portville (4-3 after beating I-Prep/Grover Sat. -- big lead at this writing ) head-to-head.

4-Panama at 1-Ellicottville/West Valley
3-Clymer at 2-Sherman/Ripley

Class DD: Ellicotville/West Valley (5-1 after beating Franklinville Fri.) has the top spot on tiebreakers over Clymer (5-1) and Sherman/Ripley (5-1 after beating Forestville Sat.). ... Sherman has beaten Clymer, so Sherman takes No. 2. ... Panama (2-4 after loss to Pine Valley Fri.) earns No. 4 spot because it has tiebreaker over Franklinville (2-4 after loss to Ellicottville/WV Fri.).

---Keith McShea

(@KeithMcSheaBN on Twitter)

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