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Section VI playoff picture is COMPLETE

Here's a class-by-class look at the Section VI playoff picture. We updated it throughout the weekend and now everything is all set. 

Section VI will announce times and sites for the playoff games Sunday, while it will also announce the matchups of the Chuck Funke Consolation Bowl Playoffs and any other additional games that will he played. We'll post that as soon as we can. 

The info below was put together based on the Section VI playoff procedures (starting on page 10 of the handbook) and from consultations with Section VI chairman Ken Stoldt.

The full standings are here (please note that the computer counted Lancaster's win over Niagara Falls twice, so their nonleague record erroneously has one more game than it should). All teams' scores this season are located below the standings.

If you see anything amiss, email me at or reach me at @KeithMcSheaBN on Twitter.

4N-Hutch-Tech at 1S-Jamestown
3S-Frontier at 2N-Niagara Falls
3N-Kenmore West at 2S-Orchard Park
4S-Clarence at 1N-Lockport

AA South: Jamestown (4-1) beats Clarence to get the top seed, followed by OP (4-1), Frontier (3-2) and Clarence (2-3).

4N-Starpoint at 1S-West Seneca East
3S-Williamsville South at 2N-McKinley
3N-Grand Island at 2S-Iroquois
4S-Williamsville East at 1N-Sweet Home

A North: Sweet Home (6-0) won at Starpoint (3-3) Saturday to take No. 1 overall. The winner of Grand Island (5-0) and McKinley (4-1) Saturday is No. 2, loser is No. 3.

A South: Williamsville South (3-2) clinched third its win over Lake Shore (0-5) Friday. ... Williamsville East (3-3) beat South Park (3-3) Saturday to earn the No. 4 spot.

8-Pioneer (second-best third-place team) at 1-Alden (best division winner)
5-Depew (second-best division runner-up) at 4-Burgard (best division runner-up)
6-Springville (third-best division runner-up) at 3-Eden (third-best division winner)
7-Lew-Port (best third-place team) at 2-Cheektowaga (second-best division winner)

B East: Alden (5-0 after beating Newfane Fri.) is No. 1; Depew (4-1) is No. 2; Medina (3-2 after beating Albion Friday) is No. 3. Note: B East league records do NOT include Barker/Roy-Hart games because they are really an A school and were placed in the league just for scheduling; that is NOT reflected on our standings page, our apologies for that.

B West: Cheektowaga (6-0 after beating Maryvale Fri.) is No. 1; Burgard (5-1 after beating Amherst Fri.) is No. 2; Lew-Port (4-2 after beating Lackawanna Fri.) earns No. 3; Maryvale had a shot at No. 3 but it lost to Cheektowaga Fri. 

B South: Eden (4-1) is No. 1; Pioneer (3-2), Olean (2-2 vs. Springville Sat.), Springville (2-2 at Olean Sat.) were in the mix for second and third. Pioneer beat Olean but lost to Springville. Springville beat Olean so it is: 2-Springville, 3-Pioneer.

Overall Class B: Alden and Cheektowaga are the top two seeds; Alden has a better point differential. Eden is No. 3. ... Based on win/loss percentages (first tiebreaker) and average point differential (second tiebreaker), Burgard and Depew occupy the next two spots -- Burgard clinched No. 4 with its win Friday. ... Springville's win makes it the No. 6 seed as the third-best runner-up. ... Lew-Port is No. 7 by virtue of its best record (4-2) among third-place teams. ... Pioneer (3-2) takes the last playoff spot by point differential tiebreaker over Medina (3-2).

4S-Cassadaga Valley (2-3) at 1N-JFK (4-1)
3N-Fredonia (3-2) at 2S-Allegany-Limestone (4-1)
3S-Westfield (3-2) at 2N-Wilson (3-2)
4N-Cleveland Hill (3-2) at 1S-Salamanca (4-1)

C North:  JFK beat Cleveland Hill for the No. 1 seed Saturday; Cleve Hill is No. 4 seed based on tiebreakers.

C South: Allegany-Limestone is 4-1 after win at Falconer Friday; Salamanca is 4-1 after win at Westfield (3-2) Friday. Salamanca takes No. 1 seed because it beat A-L head-to-head.

8-I-Prep/Grover (0-7 after losing to I-Prep) at 1-Maple Grove (7-0 after beating Frewsburg Fri.)
5-Portville (4-3 after beating I-Prep) at 4-Chautauqua Lake (4-3)
6-Frewsburg (3-4) at 3-Silver Creek (4-3)
7-Cattaraugus/Little Valley (1-6) at 2-Randolph (5-2)

Class D: Randolph (5-2) clinched No. 2 seed with win over CL/V Friday. ... Frewsburg dropped to 3-4 -- and the No. 6 seed -- after losing to Maple Grove Friday. 

Spots 3 through 5 were determined on tiebreakers: Silver Creek (4-3 after beating Chaut. Lake Fri.) is third based on point differential; Chautauqua Lake (4-3 after losing at Silver Creek Fri.) is fourth because it beat Portville (4-3 after beating I-Prep/Grover Sat. -- big lead at this writing ) head-to-head.

4-Panama at 1-Ellicottville/West Valley
3-Clymer at 2-Sherman/Ripley

Class DD: Ellicotville/West Valley (5-1 after beating Franklinville Fri.) has the top spot on tiebreakers over Clymer (5-1) and Sherman/Ripley (5-1 after beating Forestville Sat.). ... Sherman has beaten Clymer, so Sherman takes No. 2. ... Panama (2-4 after loss to Pine Valley Fri.) earns No. 4 spot because it has tiebreaker over Franklinville (2-4 after loss to Ellicottville/WV Fri.).

---Keith McShea

(@KeithMcSheaBN on Twitter)

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