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How The News voted: Week 10 (penultimate poll)

Every week a panel of voters participate in The News' large and small school football polls, and every week we tell you how The News voted.

This is the penultimate poll. We won't vote again until all the football has been played by Western New Yorkers when we fill out the ballots for the final poll. 

The News is one of 10 voters on the large and small school polls. 

An archive of this year's ballots: Week Nine, Week Eight, Week Seven, Week Six, Week Five, Week Four, Week Three, Week Two, Week One.


1. Canisius (9-0) [1] -- Still a clear No. 1 after bye week, but the next two really made a great case for themselves at The Ralph ...

2. Orchard Park (9-1) [3] -- The second halves of their last two games have been extremely impressive.

3. Sweet Home (10-0) [4] -- Panthers looking like the Panthers, and this year there's no Aquinas waiting in the regionals. All around, we just like OP's squad a tad better. 

4Jamestown (8-2) [2] -- Still deserve a spot up here. Really complete team got beat by a better, complete team. 

5. Bishop Timon-St. Jude (5-4) [6] -- Another team that enjoyed a bye week. I still say they deserve to be ranked ahead of a team they beat ... we'll find out what's up on Thursday when they play ...

6. St. Joe's (8-2) [7] -- ... the Marauders, who had blowout win over Cardinal O'Hara last week. Thursday should be great fun.

7. West Seneca East (9-1) [5] -- Sweet Home stopped them in their tracks on defense and went on about as long a scoring drives as one could want. We've dropped them behind a MMA pair but kept them above an AA pair. I could see an argument for dropping them further, perhaps behind Lockport, but we see the A final as a Sweet Home masterpiece and not some kind of total indictment of WSE's great season. 

8. Lockport (6-3) [8] -- Same as last week. Excellent season by the Lions. Two losses to OP, one to St. Joe's. 

9. Frontier (6-3) [9] -- Same as last week. The third reason in this poll why the AA South is so tough. 

10. Grand Island (7-2) [10] -- We're sticking with the Vikings for toughing it out at Sweet Home (13-0 semifinal loss in the mud). 

Next on the list? Clarence, Iroquois or Will South -- and hold up -- who just came rumbling in here? St. Francis!


1. Alden (10-0) [1] -- Same as it ever was. 

2. Depew (7-2) [2] -- Wildcats need to stay up high. Again, the Alden games are a sign of the Bulldogs' excellence, not something that can be held against the Wildcats on this list. 

3. Randolph (8-2) [9] -- As I said last week, they could move up. The Cardinals have the look of Cardinal teams that have won state championships. We'll see. Three wins away. 

4. St. Mary's (5-5) [3] -- Annihilated by St. Francis at home in quarterfinals. Anyone see that coming? They've done enough this year to stay here.  

5. Springville (5-5) [5] -- Still the best story of the season. 

6. Burgard (6-2) [6] -- Still like the Bulldogs over Class C teams.

7. Cleveland Hill (8-2) [7] -- Golden Eagles are the C champs, but we continue to see them here, and a 22-20 close shave keeps them just above of the ...

8. Fredonia (7-3) [8] -- ... Hillbillies, who still have to be scratching their head over those wacky two-point conversion bounces.

9. Maple Grove (9-1) [4] -- Essentially flipped spots with Randolph. Didn't see enough, and game wasn't close enough, for me to keep this D ahead of the C finalists or other B's ahead of the Red Dragons on this list.

10. JFK (7-2) [10] -- Keeping the C North champs here, again just ahead of neighbor Cheektowaga. 

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---Keith McShea

(@KeithMcSheaBN on Twitter)

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