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St. Joe's lacrosse scores huge win over Timon in hugely controversial finish (with video of non-goal/goal)

By Keith McShea

St. Joe's lacrosse recorded a tremendous victory today. 

But there is a tremendous amount of controversy about the finish. 

St. Joe's beat longtime Monsignor Martin power Bishop Timon-St. Jude, 13-12, in two overtime Monday afternoon at St. Joe's. The loss ended 49-game win streak for Timon in Monsignor Martin regular season games. The Tigers' last loss was to St. Francis on May 19, 2007.

Junior James Bassett scored 59 seconds into the second overtime after Timon thought it had won the game. 

I watched the live video feed via It's available here; the archived broadcast is not available yet but should be within the next 24 hours. I could not tell whether or not Timon's goal was actually a goal. Here's what I saw:

Timon won the opening faceoff of the second overtime and called timeout six seconds in. St. Joe's checked the ball free, but its clearing attempt was stolen and Timon fast-breaked in on goal, with Timon junior Connor Fields shooting -- and, in Timon's eyes -- scoring.

Here's the video, sent to us by Bishop Timon-St. Jude:

Timon players started celebrating and players came onto the field from the bench. There was no whistle or signal of any kind from the officials. St. Joe's picked the ball up and went the other way on a fast break, with Bassett scoring. It was a zany scene with St. Joe's celebrating a goal just after Timon did so. 

On the original webcast, I couldn't see if the goal was good or not. But you could definitely see Timon players celebrating, and the play-by-play announcer (St. Joe's basketball coach Mark Simon) noted that Timon players had come off the bench and onto the field. 

On the video above, it appears that the shot goes into the top right-hand corner of the cage, then ripples the net as it bounds back to the left, behind the goalie, and then relatively softly out of the goal. It certainly doesn't have a strong carom off a post and then sharply bounces out.

It is a quick play to see (and call), but these kind of goals happen all the time in lacrosse. It appears that it was a missed call.

That's extremely unfortunate considering the type of game this was between two outstanding teams.

I certainly hear the point that all teams, in all games, should "play to the whistle," but since it was sudden-death overtime, Timon celebrated what it thought was a clear goal that would have ended the game.The missed call was magnified in that St. Joe's fast-breaked for goal vs. Timon, which had thought game was over.

After the game, I spoke with Timon coach Mike Burke: 

"I think we won that game. We scored in overtime. The net moved. We won, we cleared the bench, and our kids run down the field, and they went down and scored. It's just a bad thing all around. I hope that there is a way that this can be overturned. We have video evidence of the goal. It's unfortunate the officials didn't see it that way. I don't know how they missed it. It was clear-cut.

"It's overtime -- the game is over as soon as we score ... and we stopped playing.

"The ball is on the ground, and we're on the field [Timon players who came off the bench], why isn't a whistle blown? It was a goal, it was clear cut, there's no way to excuse it."

"We knew [St. Joe's] was going to be that good. It shouldn't have been that close of a game. We sleepwalked through the first three quarters."

"In overtime Connor Fields had the perfect shot, and they took it back. It was right under the bar."

A few moments ago, St. Joe's coach Peter Hudecki just reported his game to Milt Northrup, who is working in the office tonight.

Hudecki's take:

"The ball popped straight up in the air. No whistle was blown and our guys are taught to play to the whistle." 

Timon (6-3, 3-1 Monsignor Martin) was coming off a tremendous weekend in which it won at local Class B power Hamburg on Friday night before beating state power Ithaca at home on on Saturday.

St. Joe's  (7-2, 5-0) was up, 10-7, entering the fourth quarter. Timon scored three straight to tie it at 10-10. Timon went up 11-10 before St. Joe's tied it; Timon again went up, 12-11, before St. Joe's tied it again at 12-12 on an Andrew Bond goal with 6:00 left.

Both teams had good chances the rest of regulation and in overtime. St. Joe's had a goal waved off early in the first overtime due to a crease violation.

A summary of the game will also be available via our scoreboard page shortly.

* * * 

Here now, emailed to me from St. Joe's, is video of that waved-off goal early in OT. 

I'm posting this to give equal time.

However it is a very different play. A goal is scored but the player is ruled to be in the crease. That is pretty simple. If you are in the crease before the ball goes in the cage, it is not a goal. 

The St. Joe's contention is that the player was pushed into the crease.

The ruling was apparently a loose-ball push on Timon that occurred before the shot (and thus the goal), which is why St. Joe's kept the ball after the play. 

I believe officials can rule that a goal should count if they rule that the player was pushed into the crease (I found this on the internets).

However, apparently the call was on the push prior to the shot, so it's as if the shot never happened. That seems to make sense to me. There was no whistle on the initial play, however.

* * * 

Note: This was a very unique game in which two top teams met and the finish was uniquely controversial. We will NOT be making it a regular deal to post videos of controversial calls, no matter what the sport. Thanks.  


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