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How The News voted: Week Five

By Keith McShea

Every week a panel of voters participate in The News' large and small school football polls, and every week we tell you how The News voted. The News is one of 10 voters on the large and small school polls, which are published each Tuesday in the Sidelines section of the Scholastic Spotlight.

Here are our previous ballots: Week FourWeek Three, Week Two, Week One and my preseason lists

And here our versions of this week's top 10s:


1Jamestown (5-0) [last week: 1] -- Another 50 points. In three quarters. That's messed up. 

2. Canisius (4-1) [3] -- This isn't about the domination of St. Mary's, it's about the team that used to be here ... 

3. St. Joe's (4-1) [2] -- ... having some identity problems of its own after starting sophomore quarterback Mike McCarthy wasn't in the lineup at St. Francis after suffering an injury late in the Marauders' loss to Aquinas. Nigel Davis was in at quarterback and the Marauders had a tougher time at St. Francis than Canisius did a week earlier. 

4. Sweet Home (5-0) [5] -- Panthers looked good at Grand Island, dominated more than the score indicated.

Correction: A total yardage total of 69 for Grand Island was reported by us for Saturday's game. That was incorrect. The yardage total both teams had was 169. Our apologies.   

5. South Park (4-1) [7] -- Just a reminder that I was the only schmo voting for these guys two weeks ago. These guys are very good. 

6. Orchard Park (4-1) [9] -- Due to recent events, all of a sudden the second-best AA team on this list is good 'ol friend OP. Quakers' win at Lancaster earns them this spot, and their very big win over Williamsville South two weeks ago requires many AA teams need to be placed before A's. The home loss to Lockport is outweighed by the games since then (especially Lockport's: losses at home to Frontier and at Niagara Falls).   

7. Lancaster (3-2) [8] -- The team with the nickname that should be changed lost a close one at home to OP and lost a big one at Jamestown after winning at Kenmore West and against West Seneca West and Niagara Falls. 

8. Kenmore West (3-2) [NR] -- You could make a case that West's home win over Frontier could push them up a bit, but the Lancaster loss keeps them tucked behind that team which should change its nickname. 

9. Frontier (4-1) [4] -- Loss at Kenmore West leads to a tumble. Schedule also might require a re-examination at this point -- it doesn't look quite as impressive now, notably the win at Lockport (also includes wins over Clarence, Niagara Falls and West Seneca West).

In simpler terms: OP just beat Lancaster, which beat Ken West, which just beat Frontier. 

10. Williamsville South (4-1) [NR] --. South or McKinley? We find out for reals on Friday night in Williamsville. Looking forward to it. But South gets this spot based on the teams' common-opponent results: South had more impressive wins against its buddies from East and North than McKinley did (South had big wins, Macks won close ones). I suppose one could say that those games mean more to South because of the rivalries, but the results are too clear to ignore. South's loss is at Orchard Park.

It should be noted that the Macks had a really nice win over Niagara Falls this past week.  

What's it all mean? Hopefully a fun one on Friday night. 

McKinley is certainly 11th on the list. After that: Grand Island, Clarence, West Seneca East, St. Francis, Williamsville North, Kenmore East.


1. Alden (5-0) [1] -- Enough already with this Drama Kings routine. The next two teams have a serious claim on this spot.

However, Alden is still winning, of course, and its performance against Depew was exemplary. Also, we are diagnosing this situation as an Alden-for-some-reason-doesn't-get-up-for-other-teams-like-it-does-for-others problem: Hutch-Tech has lost its last two after taking Alden to the final minute. Eden lost to East Aurora after taking Alden to the final minute. Pioneer is probably better than those two, was ranked in the top 10, and Alden had some excitement but didn't need to go to the final minute. So, the choice is Alden.

2. Burgard (5-0) [2] -- Dominant enough to be worthy of a No. 1 vote. Very much looking forward to seeing the Bulldogs at Cheektowaga on Saturday. 

3. Randolph (5-0) [3] -- No. 1 Class D team in the state also worthy of No. 1 vote. Since it routed Maple Grove already, the schedule and rankings say they won't have another stern test until a possible playoff rematch at the earliest. 

4. Depew (4-1) [5] -- Decent road win at Dunkirk to bounce back from loss to Alden. Team next on the list is very close behind.

5. Cheektowaga (4-1) [6] -- Man, Saturday is going to be fun.   

6. Cleveland Hill (5-0) [7] -- Still feel that the C's top out here. On paper, the schedule doesn't include a tough game until playoff time, and probably the second round at that (Tonawanda, JFK, fourth-place team in C South).

7. Fredonia (5-0) [8] -- No. 2 in C, right behind No. 1 in C.

8. St. Mary's (3-1) [4] -- Overwhelmed by Canisius is not really the reason for the drop; it's rather the loss of standout RB Nick Vallone. Too good a player to lose, and the other teams on this list are too good, to avoid a quick drop.

9. Maple Grove (3-1) [NR] -- Back on the list after being squeezed out last week.

10. Bennett (2-3) [10] -- Another tough time with the final spot, another decision to go with the Tigers, who lost a 7-6 game at a very good Section V (Rochester area) Class C team in Attica. Bennett still owns that rout of Lew-Port two weeks ago; Lew-Port just beat Medina (which dropped the Mustangs out of the top 10). 

Pioneer is probably No. 11, with Eden right behind (these two meet at Eden next week). Lackawanna is next after a larger-than-expected loss at Williamsville North.  

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