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Chan Gailey: Mario Williams has 'procedure' done on wrist

By Jay Skurski

Here's Chan Gailey's explanation of Mario Williams' absence from practice today, followed by his exchange with the Western New York media on the subject:

"The update on Mario is he had a procedure done to relieve some discomfort in his wrist and we expect him back for practice next week. That's all I know at this point."

Question: Was that procedure done in Houston, or here in Buffalo?

Gailey: "I have no idea."

Q: Was it done today?

Gailey: "I think it was yesterday."

Q: When and how was that decision made, Chan?

Gailey: "I don't know all that. They told me what happened and said he'll be ready next week, that's all I know right now."

Q: So you're not clear on exactly what the issue is with the wrist?

Gailey: "No."

Q: Is that his decision, or does he have to run it by team doctors?

Gailey: "I don't know how all that's made, I just know it happened."

Q: Does he have the potential to miss games?

Gailey: "No, he'll be at practice next week. That's what I understand. That's what I was told."

Q: Was it necessary given the fact that it's bothering him and it's the bye week?

Gailey: "That's when you take care of things, is bye week, if you've got some little things you can take care of, that's when you do it. Like we rested Andy [Levitre] today, he had some extra work done on him, so we just held him out to give him an extra day's rest. That's where you try to take care of all these little things.

Q: Is it a good thing for him [Williams] if he thinks it can help him?

Gailey: "Every advantage that you can get mentally for every player is great. Everything that makes them feel better about playing, it helps."

Q: How much did you see it hurting him or limiting him?

Gailey: "I can't evaluate that."

Q: Just to clarify, was it a surgical procedure? You said procedure.

Gailey: "I don't know exactly what it was to be honest with you. I don't know if they did something non-invasive or invasive. You can ask him, he'll be here Monday, you can ask him."

Williams, of course, does not speak with the media on Mondays, only Wednesdays and after games.

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