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Chris Kelsay puts teammates on blast

By Jay Skurski

Defensive end Chris Kelsay had some of the strongest words you'll hear a football player use when describing his teammates today.

Rather than just pick and choose the best, here are the key portions of Kelsay's meeting with the media, which ran more than 8 minutes. The parts in bold are those I have emphasized.

Q: "What do you need to do during this bye week as a team? Is is just a matter of regrouping?"

Chris Kelsay: "We just need to re-focus and stress consistency. We've played really well at times and we've played really, really poorly a lot of the time. It's more what we're not doing than what other teams are doing to us. I know you guys are tired of hearing and we're tired of saying it. Some way, somehow we've got to understand what accountability means across the board, playing hard every play. You watch the film and not everybody was playing hard every snap and that’s unacceptable."

Q: How maddening can that be?

CK: "There's no excuse for it. We put in way too much time and effort during the week. I thought we practiced really well throughout the week, but if you don't play on Sunday and you can't translate it to the game field then it's all for naught. Our coaches put in a ton of time and a lot of effort. We're all away from our families, we make this what it is. It's important. It's our livelihood. It's a blessing to be in this league and to go out there and lay an egg there are no excuses for it."

Q: Do players need to hold each other more accountable?

CK: "Absolutely and you're going to see it from a lot of the guys. Maybe as leaders some of us have let some things slide and we can't do that. We're not going to allow it."

Q: Do players need to shake down players? We're there now?

CK:"I think so. At the end of the day that's who is on the field. Coaches coach and players play. We might have to grab guys by the shirt collar and tell them to get to moving. It's nothing personal, but we're relying on you. Myself included. If I'm not doing my job I expect Kyle to grab me by the neck and tell me to get going. That's what it's going to take. We've got a lot of young guys. We're going to get everybody on the same page."

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