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Reader feedback: Change needed with QB, coaching staff

By Tim Graham

This morning, I asked Press Coverage readers what Buffalo Bills unit most needs to be amended.

After all, if the front office must drop its punter following a victory, then you should be able to count on changes after six turnovers and 52 points allowed at home to the New England Patriots.

As of this posting, quarterback leads the poll at 35 percent. The margin was much greater earlier this afternoon, but coaching staff (29 percent) and linebacker (24 percent) have rallied to close the gap.

I also asked readers to elaborate on their votes via email. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of interstate correspondence that came in, illustrating how passionate and widespread the Bills' fan base is.

Ronald from Florida writes: "Too many options to just pick one. The top three would be in my opinion QB, LB and SS. When you prepare for failure you will succeed. To lose by 14 or more points anytime is unacceptable. To do it on a constant basis is deplorable. When leadership is used to losing from the top down to the coaching staff it will breed losing."

Steve from Maryland writes: "It was easy to blame George Edwards and make him the scapegoat, but it's obvious now that Dave Wannstedt is no improvement. I actually believe he is worse. His total inability to adjust to the Patriots' simplistic and repetitive handful of running and passing plays yesterday was a disgrace. He was totally outclassed and is out of his depth. No wonder no other NFL teams wanted him as defensive coordinator and his last college team (Pitt Panthers) dumped him."

Bill from North Carolina writes: "Overall, I think this team rots from the top.  Some may say fans are overreacting, but the game yesterday just shows how far behind we are.  Three years ago we had the chance to reboot this thing, say hiring Leslie Frazier or another top assistant, but instead we are worse than the Jauron era."

Bill in Tennessee writes: "This is not about who's on the field, but who's on the sideline guiding them. I always watch after halftime to see how a team adjusts, and I think it's been clear for some time now that Chan is simply out of his league. I think we all kind of knew it when he was hired, but had hoped for the best. While the sky may not be falling, his clout as an NFL head coach obviously needs an umbrella."

Dave in East Aurora writes: Coming out for the second half did you see the anger and passion Tom Brady displayed on the sideline just looking for his helmet? Maybe Chan should consider hiding Ryan Fitzpatrick's helmet!"

Ron from Pennsylvania writes: "The Bills of the Jim Kelly era would look really bad in the first half on numerous occasions. They would make adjustments at halftime and win the game. The defensive coaching staff hasn't got a clue on making necessary adjustments. The Patriots kept running to their left because it worked!"

Paul in South Carolina writes: "I just voted for a change at quarterback, although the coaches, especially defensive, were extraordinarily out-coached on Sunday.  But I think it's harder to change coaches during the season than players. ... But there's no replacements available. [Tyler] Thigpen is not the choice. [Tarvaris] Jackson could do it, perhaps, but lacks learning prep."

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