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Buddy Nix rewind: Collection of the GM's quotes on drafting a QB

By Tim Graham

Over the past six weeks, Buffalo Bills General Manager Buddy Nix has made several comments about the club's quarterback needs.

So we have all of the quotes in one place, here is a review of what he has said about drafting a franchise quarterback and replacing Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Nov. 2 on WGR:

"Listen, we've said -- I have, I guess -- from Day One that we wanted to draft a good, young quarterback. I don't want to leave here without a franchise guy for the future in place.

"Now, I've never said that before, but I'm saying it now because it's a fact. I want it. ... That has got to fall into place for us, and hopefully it will."

Nov. 2 to The Buffalo News:

"The two guys we got behind Fitz right now [Tyler Thigpen and Tarvaris Jackson] are both up this year. And we don't have a young guy to develop or to give competition at that position. You can read into that. It's not like we're trying to replace somebody. It is strictly to make our team better. If we put [a rookie] in there and we develop him in two years or whatever, and he's the guy, and if he beats [Fitzpatrick] out, then you've got a healthy situation. And that's where we're headed."

Nov. 9 on WGR:

"Let me be as honest as I can. I think we really need to address [drafting a quarterback] this year. The thing we can't do is you can't create one. You can't go out, thinking 'I've got to make this guy a player.' If you do, then you're going to be in a bigger mess. We don't want to do that. We try to guard against that. But we do need another one, and we need to do it this time."

Dec. 3 at Monday Quarterback Club luncheon:

"We want to have a young quarterback we can develop and will be around for eight to 10 years. We're all looking for a Jim Kelly. And I'll tell you this: If you like a quarterback, and like him in the third round, then you had better take him in the second."

Dec. 6 to the Associated Press:

"I think the priority is the same. I think [fans] could take it to the bank every year. We had that intent every year, and we've got it again. Hopefully, they know me well enough that that's what we'll try to do if the guy's there."

Dec. 7 on WGR:

"I know we've discussed the quarterback position many times, and on this show a few weeks ago I was asked about drafting a quarterback, and I said the same thing I've been saying. But the fans are so eager for us to make something happen -- and they aren't any more eager than I am. I mean, we all are. So they got the idea, I think, that we were automatically going to draft a quarterback in the first round.

"That's not necessarily true. I mean, we're going to always stay with the integrity of the [draft] board. But we're going to try to find a quarterback. If one's there, and he's rated at the right spot, we're going to take him whenever that is.

"I just don't want to get people expecting that no matter who's there in the first round we're going to take a quarterback because that's not true. We'll still take the best player."

Dec. 14 on WGR:

"Let me say this: I think there's a time that in the era that you're in and the development of your team, there's a time when you can move up a round to take a quarterback. And I think the time's now for us.

"I mean, if a guy's there -- I keep saying that, and there'll be one out there -- if the guy's there, then I think we'll target -- as I've said before -- drafting a good quarterback. We need a good, young quarterback, and we're going to do our best to get him."

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