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A fundamental concern with the Bills drafting Ryan Nassib

By Tim Graham

This has been my issue with the idea of the Buffalo Bills drafting Ryan Nassib as their supposed quarterback of the future:

If the Bills do that, then they didn't hitch their wagon to Doug Marrone nearly four months ago; they essentially would have decided in January the organization's future would hinge on Syracuse's quarterback.

Russ Brandon's legacy as Bills president, the team's profitability and the chances of steering out of a seemingly never-ending ditch will depend less on the Marrone hire and more on whomever they draft to be their franchise quarterback.

That's how important the position is in the NFL. Quarterbacks are the ones who make head coaches and executives look like geniuses or fools.

To think the Bills would pursue a college coach with a package deal in mind should be terrifying to fans. Pinning a franchise's dreams on any college player is shaky. To have identified somebody because your new head coach is familiar with him is flimsier.

Now, Bills General Manager Buddy Nix and his scouting staff independently could have vetted Nassib and found him to be the cat's pajamas. Marrone repeatedly has said he and offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett have recused themselves from much of the Bills' interaction with Nassib.

But doesn't it make more sense that Marrone joined the Bills with assurances he would have significant say about who his quarterback would be?

Brandon repeatedly has stated Marrone was a hot coaching candidate, that the Bills beat out other teams for his services. Offensive-minded coaches with leverage don't let somebody else pick their quarterbacks.

And if Brandon, Nix and Marrone didn't discuss a quarterback plan during the coach's interview process, then this organization is in worse shape than anybody feared.

So here's what Bills fans should hope: The club legitimately kept an open mind about their future franchise quarterback and -- as virtually impossible as it may seem -- treated Nassib the same as every other prospect.

If the Bills draft Nassib, then you can bet they'll claim this to be the case.

And, to me, it doesn't matter if they've earmarked Nassib to pick in the second or third round. Entering this week's draft with the intention of getting Nassib still means they've allowed that decision to dictate the rest of their draft philosophy.

Brandon, Marrone and their quarterback will thrive or fail together.

Is it possible they've been bundled since January?

That would mean the Bills hired a quarterback then and not a coach.

The only way we'll know with certainty is if the Bills take another quarterback with Nassib on the board.

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