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News Staff Selections: Week Two

Cam newton
Cam Newton and the Panthers visit Ralph Wilson Stadium on Sunday (Photo: Associated Press)

Each week in Football Friday, The News' football writers pick games against the spread in Thursday's Buffalo News, including one "Best bet" (*). View selections, by game, below and see each writer's record on the season at the bottom.

Carolina at Buffalo (+3)
Gaughan: BUF
Skurski: BUF
Graham: CAR
Sullivan: CAR
DiCesare: CAR
Northrop: CAR

San Diego (+7 1/2) at Philadelphia
Gaughan: SD
Skurski: PHI
Graham: PHI
Sullivan: PHI
DiCesare: PHI
Northrop: PHI*

Cleveland (+6 1/2) at Baltimore
Gaughan: BAL
Skurski: BAL
Graham: BAL
Sullivan: CLE
DiCesare: BAL*
Northrop: BAL    

Tennesee (+9) at Houston
Gaughan: TEN
Skurski: TEN
Graham: HOU
Sullivan: HOU
DiCesare: TEN
Northrop: HOU

Miami (+2 1/2) at Indianapolis
Gaughan: MIA
Skurski: IND
Graham: MIA
Sullivan: IND
DiCesare: IND
Northrop: IND

St. Louis (+7) Atlanta

Washington (+7 1/2) at Green Bay
Gaughan: WASH
Skurski: WASH
Graham: GB
Sullivan: GB
DiCesare: WASH
Northrop: WASH

Dallas (+3) at Kansas City
Gaughan: DAL
Skurski: DAL
Graham: DAL
Sullivan: DAL
DiCesare: DAL
Northrop: KC

Minnesota (+6) at Chicago
Gaughan: MIN
Skurski: CHI
Graham: CHI
Sullivan: MIN
DiCesare: CHI
Northrop: MIN

New Orleans at Tampa Bay (+3 1/2)
Gaughan: NO*
Skurski: NO
Graham: NO
Sullivan: TB
DiCesare: NO
Northrop: NO

Detroit at Arizona (+1)
Gaughan: DET
Skurski: ARI
Graham: ARI
Sullivan: ARI
DiCesare: DET
Northrop: ARI

Jacksonville (+5 1/2) at Oakland
Gaughan: OAK
Skurski: OAK
Graham: OAK*
Sullivan: JAX
DiCesare: JAX
Northrop: OAK

Denver at N.Y. Giants (+4 1/2)
Gaughan: DEN
Graham: DEN
Sullivan: NYG
DiCesare: DEN
Northrop: NYG

San Francisco (+3) at Seattle
Gaughan: SF
Skurski: SF
Graham: SF
Sullivan: SEA
DiCesare: SF
Northrop: SEA

Pittsburgh (+7) at Cincinnati
Gaughan: PIT
Skurski: CIN
Graham: CIN
Sullivan: CIN*
DiCesare: PIT
Northrop: PIT

Last week, overall, best bets
Gaughan: 6-8-1, 6-8-1, 0-1
Skurski: 4-10-1, 4-10-1, 1-0
Graham: 5-9-1, 5-9-1, 0-1
Sullivan: 6-8-1, 6-8-1, 0-1
DiCesare: 7-7-1, 7-7-1, 0-1
Northrop: 7-7-1, 7-7-1, 0-1

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About Press Coverage

Tim Graham

Tim Graham

Tim Graham returned to The Buffalo News in 2011 after covering the NFL for three years at ESPN and for one year at the Palm Beach Post. Before that, the Cleveland native spent seven seasons on the Buffalo Sabres beat for The News and was president of the Boxing Writers Association of America.

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Mark Gaughan

Mark Gaughan

Buffalo native Mark Gaughan started working at The News in 1980 and has been covering the Bills exclusively since 1992. He is a former president of the Pro Football Writers of America, and he is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame selection committee.

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Jay Skurski

Jay Skurski

Jay Skurski joined The News in January 2009. The Lewiston native attended St. Francis High School before graduating from the University of South Florida. He writes a weekly Fantasy column in addition to his beat writing duties.

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