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Drawing the pistol: Trent Dilfer says it's bigger than a fad

By Tim Graham

NEW ORLEANS -- Trent Dilfer was unequivocal when asked if the pistol offense and read-option runs were here to stay.

"Without a doubt," Dilfer said about the offense that's helped propel the San Francisco 49ers to Super Bowl XLVII.

Dilfer, an ESPN analyst and the quarterback when the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl 12 years ago, sees a significant tactical advantage for 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick tonight.

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Steve Tasker: Super Bowl XLVII destined for sudden death

By Tim Graham

NEW ORLEANS -- Steve Tasker will be a sideline reporter for Sunday's telecast of Super Bowl XLVII and is protecting his objectivity. He refuses to pick a winner.

But the popular Buffalo Bills alum did make one prediction about what will transpire between the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens.

"I predict overtime," Tasker told me today in the Super Bowl XLVII media center. "The head coaches may as well be twins. The teams are built with the same philosophy. They look alike when you watch them practice.

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QB revolution: Trent Dilfer pegs Jameis Winston future No. 1 pick

By Tim Graham

NEW ORLEANS -- Trent Dilfer already has his No. 1 overall draft choice slotted for 2015 or so.

"I know what's coming," Dilfer said Thursday in the Super Bowl XLVII media center. "I know the kid at Florida State, Jameis Winston, will be an absolute rock star.

"He'll be the first pick of the draft if the first pick goes to a team that wants to run the pistol, zone-read, have a passer. He's that kind of kid."

Dilfer, the Super Bowl-winning quarterback 12 years ago and ESPN analyst, also instructs high school and college players. He has seen a glimpse into the future, and he's convinced the pistol formation and read-option are here to stay and will change the game.

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Dennis Dixon is the Baltimore Ravens' Rich Little

By Tim Graham

NEW ORLEANS -- Dennis Dixon is on the Baltimore Ravens' practice squad.

Though if the Ravens beat the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII, Dixon will have earned his championship ring.

Dixon has been the Ravens' secret weapon, imitating the 49ers' hard-to-replicate quarterback, Colin Kaepernick.

Kaepernick is difficult to prepare for. He has a big arm and is a threat to run in the 49ers' read-option offense. Dixon is familiar with the read option from his days at the University of Oregon.

"That guy has been doing a major job," Ravens cornerback and Turner-Carroll alum Corey Graham said of Dixon. "You'd think he might want to go somewhere that runs that offense so he can have an even bigger role in this NFL.

"But he's done an outstanding job. He's run this offense at Oregon. He knows it, and he's done an amazing job of preparing us for this stage."

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