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When it comes to fitness: Why Wait Until Monday?

Bryon Sperduti knows how to lose weight, and will start a new effort in the new year to help others do the same.

Sperduti, featured in today’s “What are you eating?” segment in WNY Refresh, was overweight as a teen. He has reshaped his body during the last decade through fitness and nutrition.

"I don’t diet, I eat healthy," says Sperduti, 34, who owns Genesis Personal Training, inside Fitness Factory in West Seneca. He and his wife, Valerie, also make sure proper eating applies to their son, Reid, 2.

In January, Sperduti and health education professional Barb Olivieri will implement a program called Why Wait Until Monday? It will help people make both physical and mental changes so they can lose weight and sustain weight loss.

"It’s changing the behaviors when it comes to everyday living," Sperduti said.

“Topics,” he said, “include dimensions of health, removing and eliminating barriers to change, bashing excuses, working through change and moving forward.”

The program also will encourage participants to journal about what they eat and how they exercise, and include bimonthly meetings where folks will "come up with a game plan outside of the gym,” he said.

The 12-week program will run from 6 to 7 p.m. the first and third Tuesday of the month, starting Jan. 7 at Fitness Factory, 1012 Union Road, West Seneca. The cost is $99. For more information, call 440-4331or go to

Growing up “a little heavy” was tough, Sperduti said. He didn’t know much about nutrition as a teen. He played sports, but the weight didn’t come off until he started using the principles of Why Wait Until Monday?, reading food labels, planning meals in advance and learning about macronutrients.

"Once you learn those principles,” he said, “you’re able to incorporate it with your family, which is huge, because they don’t have to make the same mistakes that I did."

- Scott Scanlon


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